5 tools that will make you a better writer

Writing no longer becomes a chore or a tedious exercise when you have a passion for it. A student with interesting in writing won’t even dare to use the “write my homework” phrase. That’s what being passionate can bring. But then, the more quality content you can produce, the more interest you will have for writing. However, the easiest ways to get better in writing articles is through the use of tools. So, check out tools that can have a positive impact on your writing skills.

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1. Copyscape

Plagiarism is one of the things to avoid as a writer. Whether you are working as a freelance writer or on a personal blog, your business and reputation will grow faster when you consistently produce unique articles.

Plagiarism is an offense. In short, it is a punishable offense whether in school or the blogging community. But it’s unfortunate that you cannot determine if a manually written content is plagiarism free or unique. Anyway, that’s why tools like Copyscape exist in the first place. Copyscape is a powerful tool that can check and determine the originality of your content. It will run a single article against billions of others on the web.

You can use Copyscape after writing to know if your article is entirely original. It’s a simple and highly effective tool.

2. Grammarly

The English language is somehow complicated. It has too many rules which one has to follow. But then, it’s difficult to remember and apply each one of them. That’s why no one is immune to mistakes when it comes to writing.

However, saying that the English language is complex and can be a bit confusing should not deter you from writing. No one is perfect and learning from one’s mistakes leads to growth. Grammarly is a great tool designed not only to correct minor and advance grammar errors. But during the process of fishing out errors, this tool will help you get better in writing.

After writing, copy and paste your content on this program. It will highlight your grammar mistakes and offer useful suggestions that will improve the readability of the material. Grammarly is used by most writing service providers to deliver error-free papers, which is necessary for your audience or grader if you are a student. The tool can detect errors like overused words, passive voice, spelling mistakes and many more.

3. Evernote

Most writing projects involve too many research work and notes. And managing such projects can be a bit difficult and confusing. The easiest way you can handle such large projects successfully is through the use of an active project management tool. And that’s why tools like Evernote keeps dominating the scene.

Evernote is a powerful project management tool with an intuitive interface. You can use it to manage your ideas, plan and execute any complex writing project without stress. If you are working on a writing task that has too many instructions you must abide by, Evernote will make things easier for you. Plus it can help you manage deadlines and even share information regarding a specific area of the project with the client at any given point in time.

4. Focus

If you really want to improve in writing, then you must write regularly. Practice makes perfect, and that also applies to the writing tasks. In short, when you do it consistently, it will enable you to take note of minor errors that appear regularly on your write-ups and never make such mistakes again.

However, Focus is not a tool that detects errors in contents like Grammarly and other editing tools. Instead, it helps to improve productivity uniquely. If you are addicted to social media, then you know how much time goes into checking your social media accounts every day, even when you have a task at hand. This tool will enable you to block time-wasting apps and websites on your device so that you can devote more time to your work. Plus you can even determine the words the number of hours you want the apps to be locked out.

5. Headline Analyzer

An article published without a compelling headline is more or less a waste of time and effort. The headline should be attractive and make readers curious to consume the content. And the good thing is, even if you cannot manually determine if a headline makes sense, some tools can make this possible.

The Headline analyzer comes in handy. It will assess your headline in various ways and also rate it. However, the rating would reveal the SEO factors and shares the words used had received in the past.


Writing is something everyone does. But not everyone is good at it. So, the best way to improve is to work harder and focus on developing that area you think needs more attention. You can also take advantage of the myriads of writing tool out there to improve your writing skills. But remember that consistency is vital for your improvement in writing.