CBSE faculty buses in Telangana to get mobile telephones with net

Due to the growing cases of accidents and emergencies in faculty buses, the CBSE issued a round mentioning that cellular telephones have to be made to be had in college buses. The circular further stated that the cellular telephone must have Internet connection and records storage centers for use in case of any a remarkable emergency.

CBSE officials claimed that this step has to no longer encourage college students to use cellular telephones in faculty buses. The major in fee and the transport-in fee should make sure that the cell smartphone is usually with the attendant.

The note additionally said that unmonitored utilization of cellular phones in college buses will warrant disciplinary motion from the board.

Leading CBSE colleges in Telangana claimed that the transport in-price is often in contact with the college bus drivers for the duration of the journey with a simple telephone. However, they’ll observe new tips quickly.

latest telangana news in hyderabad.otified thru the respectable mobile wide variety.”telephone answering machines

Veena S., a teacher stated, “The idea of a cellular smartphone is good as mother and father can check in case of any emergency. The faculty can also be notified thru the respectable mobile wide variety.”

Through this step, each bus will have a cell number assigned to it which makes the identification easier.

A Mission To Quench The Thirst Of Telangana


On seventh of August, The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi made his first legit visit to the Telangana state. During the go to, he launched the Telangana country government’s flagship water undertaking mission Bhagiratha on the Gajwel district.

The undertaking of this colossal project is to supply smooth

Drinkable water to all the rural families in Telangana. The Rs. 35000 crores well worth undertaking covers pipeline connections laid across one lakh 26 thousand Km stretch. The government, first of all, has sanctioned Rs. 4,000 crores for the 2015-2016 monetary yr. The project becomes designed with the aid of Panchayat Raj, Rural Development, and the Rural Water Supply Department. As in keeping with the undertaking layout, anybody inside the rural village will be supplied with one hundred liters of water. The character from the city regions will acquire 150 liters of water supply. The undertaking emphasizes on addressing the drought and Fluorosis crisis in rural Telangana. The undertaking covers 25,000 rural habitats along with sixty-seven city habitats.

The idea of Mission Bhagiratha

For now, the Telangana water grid is depending on the water sources to be had from the two perennial rivers flowing through the kingdom; Krishna and the Godavari. The water grid plan is to utilize 34 TMC of Godavari water and 21.5 TMC of Krishna water. The mission additionally includes channeling the water assets from Srisailam, Sriram Sagar mission, Komuram Bheem Project, Jurala Dam, Paleru Reservoir and The Nizam Sagar undertaking. The state stage grid project is scientifically designed to apply the natural gradient where ever feasible and pumps water to the 26 inner grids that deliver the water via the pipelines. The mission has the principal trunk pipelines masking a distance of about 5000 Km. Another 50,000 Km will be used to fill the carrier tanks within the local habitats for the storage. Additional 75,000 Km pipeline network will deliver the ingesting water to the houses in the villages.


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Mission Flouride

Telangana is a newly fashioned kingdom with its proportion of the grinding problems. The ingesting water is still a first-rate problem for the rural populace in the kingdom. The humans, particularly inside the rural areas were forced to eat the ground water which has high tiers of fluoride. A current survey discovered that majority districts in Telangana excluding Hyderabad have floor water that incorporates belong the permissible stages of fluoride presence. The Bhagirathi assignment could be a much-awaited splash of fresh water for the humans of Telangana which pumps in smooth water from the Krishna and Godavari river via the water grid project. The government has ensured that the assignment covers all of the fluorosis affected regions making sure proper water connections. Telangana became one of the states that had severe drought. The big scale water delivers will resolve the drought issues in all of the principal agriculture belts.

Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience by way of Following These Tips


The success of your mobile app is not contingent but depends on quite a number of factors. The maximum essential factors are the user revel in (UX). The consumer revel in is the most effective distinction among a success apps and the ones that fail badly.

In order to supply the best person reports in your users, it crucial for you to research consumer conduct patterns while they use your app. Unless you recognize those psychological underpinnings, you may not be able to construct a product that in particular caters to the needs of your customers and meets their expectancies. To begin with, you may gather user facts and build hypothetical consumer personas. Today’s present day cellular app call for a lot extra from cellular apps to maintain their hobby and urge them to come back lower back.

Here are some recommendations to assist enhance your cellular app consumer revel in:

Error loose capability

Perfecting your app earlier than launch is the key. Many app developers fail to very well take a look at the app and lamentably come to be launching a defective product. Statistics show that ninety% of the customers forestall the use of an app because of bad overall performance and 86% of the consumer certainly deleted the app if it has an unsuitable capability. If your app does now not work, first of all, all different brilliant UX features won’t matter. The functionality of your app must help customers accomplish their tasks with out an excessive amount of effort – which is the motivation for downloading your app inside the first region! So, prioritize your center features and categorize the others as ‘high-quality-to-have’.

Efficient On-boarding

The on boarding procedure is important on the subject of making sure the fulfillment of your app. The point is, if the person has trouble with the first few screens of your app, they will likely drop off – with a bit hesitant. Hence, supplying users with a fantastic on boarding revel in is the foundation for attracting and preserving users. The intention is to show the fee of your app in your customers by way of demonstrating how they could acquire what they want via your app – quick and efficient. If your app has a complex workflow or hidden functionalities, it’s critical which you use progressive on boarding. This reduces the abandonment fees.


Usability includes the format of records, layout, content material and all the different factors that permit users to perform their responsibilities within your app. The concept is to make elements that can be clicked, tapped or swiped – prominent. It’s essential that you stay constant with gestures at some stage in the app to optimize its usability.

Importance of the Telephone


One of an essential invention in the field of communications at some point of the present day age is the cell phone. It is due to this invention that we are capable to speak to our friends and families with out the hassle of traveling some distance and going to their area. But many of us nowadays have forgotten and now not apprehend the importance of phone in our lives.

Importance of Telephone

Emergency Purposes

One of the most vital contributions the cell phone has added to the lives of humans is the capability to name at some stage in emergencies. There are over masses of emergency calls made every day inside the United States by myself.

Telephones are very beneficial throughout emergency conditions because they’re able to hook up with the branch you are calling than going to the location with your self. When you’re to call for an emergency it’s miles important for you to talk slowly and clearly. This will help the government recognize you certainly. State your name, the area of an incident, cell phone quantity and the kind of emergency you’ve got, this helps in a faster reaction from the authorities.

Business Purposes

Another terrific use for telephones is for business. Telephones are a very crucial tool for handling a commercial enterprise. Without a cell phone, an organization’s production boom might gradual down causing the loss in cash.

Telephones are utilized by businessmen to call their fellow businessman or their partner in the enterprise. Businessmen also use telephones to name for a meeting.

Home Purposes

Finally, the maximum commonplace use of a cell phone is for home purposes. Most families and homes inside the United States have a telephone or two. Families are the use of telephones to name their relatives and pals. When a circle of relatives desires to order meals from the outside, all they need to do is call the shop and have their meals added.

Having a phone at domestic also saves a number of cash for the circle of relatives. For instance, if you need to speak in your relative who is residing in an area that is very a long way far from you, you may just absolutely use your phone to speak to that relative of yours as opposed to traveling to their place and spending large amounts of cash. Aside from saving cash, having a smartphone also saves you treasured time from touring and helps you to live at home.