GB boccia players hope to raise sport’s profile at Paralympics

It’s far a sport many have never heard of, but it’s one which offers a lifeline for those who can find a club.

Boccia – mentioned bot-cha – changed into designed to allow severely disabled athletes to participate in sport and has to turn out to be one of the quickest-growing Paralympian sports Web Posting Reviews.

“We’ve visible a precise boom for the reason that London Paralympics,” said Marc Scott, membership development officer with Boccia England. “however it’s now not widely known throughout the general public. If you go as much as any individual on the street and asked them what boccia is, they wouldn’t have a clue.”

First played on the 1984 Paralympics, the sport now boasts sixty-one clubs affiliated to Boccia England, up from 40 in 2012. but its profile suffers because It’s miles the simplest recreation for which there is no Olympic equivalent, and its gamers do no longer enjoy the recognition of a few Paralympians. however earlier than subsequent month’s Paralympics – to which Group GB could be sending a complete quota of 10 b boccia gamers – and earlier than countrywide boccia day on 17 September, there are calls for the sport’s profile to be raised so that more seriously disabled human beings can play.

In boccia, gamers must propel balls as close as feasible to the jack on a courtroom measuring 12.five meters through six. If a participant is not able to throw or kick the ball, they are able to use a ramp. The ones unable to launch the ball with their palms use a device that they can point to their head.Nigel Murray of Great Britain throws a Boccia ball during a match against Ireland.

“As with all sports activities there may be a fee, however with incapacity sports the cost increases,” Scott said. “there is the specialist system, there are few manufacturers, and the fee is excessive. Get admission to starting up and gambling boccia is drastically extra than, say, In case you need to set your child as much as play at a neighborhood soccer club.”

A respectable set of balls costs £300, at the same time as a ramp can set a participant returned as much as £three,000. This may be nicely beyond the attain of many people with severe disabilities.


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“We’re speak about folks who are quadriplegics or have cerebral palsy who’re based totally in powerchairs,” Scott stated. “Boccia is the most effective sport they can play. It’s the best one that permits participants throughout the globe to participate in a recreation.”

Former England rugby global Alastair Hignell, a trustee of the Leonard Cheshire disability charity, which campaigns on incapacity troubles, agreed: “The Paralympic Games will no question trigger tons debate approximately how disabled people interact with the sport. A disability is something you could be born with or acquire later in lifestyles. Boccia may be played by all people, together with those with conditions restricting mobility or exertion, yet all too often it isn’t made to be had through local sports vendors.”

A YouGov ballot  shows that sixty-one% of disabled humans would love to do the extra game or exercising. however, earlier studies found that forty-one% of disabled people stated there had been no opportunities for them to take part.

“The benefits of sport to disabled human beings – which include the benefits to intellectual health and a complete social existence – are similar to for anybody else,” Hignell stated.