MODERN SMARTPHONES TAKE pains to “sandbox” apps, keeping them carefully segregated so that no mischievous program can meddle in any other app’s touchy enterprise. But security researchers have located a surprising feature of Android that may surreptitiously grant an app the permission to no longer merely reach outside its sandbox but absolutely redraw the phone’s display screen at the same time as another part of the running gadget is going for walks, tricking customers into tapping on faux buttons that may have unexpected outcomes. And even as that hijacking of your finger inputs isn’t a brand new feat for Android hackers, a sparkling tweak on the attack makes it simpler than ever to drag off.
The Hack
On Thursday researchers at Palo Alto Networks warned in a weblog put up that users should rush to patch their Android telephones against what they’re calling a “toast overlay” assault: For all variations of Android apart from the currently released Oreo, they describe how users can be tricked into installing a bit of malware that may overlay images atop different apps and factors of the smartphone’s controls and settings. It should, for example, insert an image of an innocent “keep installation” or mere “OK” button over any other hidden button that invisibly offers the malware more privileges within the phone’s working system or silently installs a rogue app—or it may without a doubt take over the screen and lock the person out of all different parts of the smartphone in a shape of ransomware.
“They could make it look like you’re touching one issue while you’re touching another,” says Palo Alto researcher Ryan Olson. “All they have to do is positioned an overlay a button over ‘set off this app to be a tool admin’ and they’ve tricked you into giving them manage of your device.”

Did Someone Just Hack My Thermometer?


I do not like to whine (except on certain events whilst no one is listening) however I am now not too glad about the climate in recent times. I actually have by no means felt so bloodless earlier than.


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Is it true that the older you get, the less cold temperature you could stand?

If it isn’t always proper, it positive is genuine with me. The older I get, the chillier I get and there is absolutely not anything I can do approximately it. After all, what number of sweaters are you able to put on at one time?

The different day as I looked at my thermometer I saw it had dipped below my meteorological expectation. I tried respiratory at the thermometer to peer if I should get the temperature to upward push a little bit. And, due to the fact I actually have such hot breath, I was able to enhance the temperature quite a bit, however as soon as I prevent respiratorily, it plunged lower back to its intensity.

It seems that when I have a look at the thermometer and the temperature is low I feel bloodless. On the alternative hand, while the temperature is excessive, I feel the heat. I nearly started hot, however, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage corrected me on that once. I may additionally experience warm, however, in step with her, I positive do now not appearance warm and the replicate in my lavatory collaborates along with her opinion.

So, I am questioning if the temperature has whatever to do with my thermometer. If someone, possibly, should control my thermometer they may manage whether I am hot or bloodless.

Then an idea hit me square in the face.

All in the course of ultimate yr, I heard how the Russians allegedly hacked into emails. I in no way surely paid that a great deal attention to the tales, however now, I am wondering a bit specific about that.

Anybody who wants to can hack into my emails because I even have this kind of dull lifestyles that they possibly would shoot themselves. However, what if they had been capable of hack into my thermometer? That is the $sixty-four,000 query!

I confess that I am now not very savvy on the subject of the era. I can barely control my emails; so, with regards to generation, I am as inclined as everybody else.

I am simply no longer afraid of somebody

hacking into my banking account because they could locate it completely empty. Thinking approximately that, perhaps someone is hacking into my banking account and casting off all my cash. If anyone is, I do no longer imagine it is I. Maybe I ought to have a communication with my banker simply to see if some thing fishy goes on.

A couple of weeks in the past when my wife desired to apply her financial institution credit score card it changed into decline. She contacted her bank and observed out someone did hack into her account and purchased some thing for $2500 out at the West Coast.

What troubled me became, I did no longer know she had that much money in her account. Maybe I should look at what it takes to hack into somebody’s banking account!

Anyway, the financial institution took care of it and she or he becomes no longer on the hook for that money.

Android Testing Frameworks


To efficaciously conduct mobile testing, the professionals can use special frameworks each for iOS and Android trying out. These frameworks offer speedy and distinctive take a look at of the cellular product. Now it is the time to study Robotium, a framework for Android-based applications.

The point is that the capacities of preferred frameworks for Android come what may restrain:

they do now not guide a couple of functions,
the take a look at scripts are executed as a substitute sluggish,
the shape of test instances is complex and it’s miles tough to launch them.
Robotium does no longer have such problems. It is an open-supply framework. It could be very appropriate for developers as they could lay out the automated GUI test scripts, useful and reputation test scenarios for a couple of operations.
What Are the Main Features of Robotium?

Support multitasking

Simple test cases
Integration with IDE
High stage of overall performance
High test insurance
There are varieties of classes: Solo training and ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2. With the help of Robotium, a tester is capable of layout take a look at instances without being aware of the specifics of the product system. In different words, he’ll carry out black field checking out. This unique function signifies this checking framework from the opposite ones.
How to Use Robotium for Android Testing?

Install the library of the framework to the undertaking underneath test.
Create take a look at instances the usage of the method of Solo elegance.
Run written exams on the desired devices (OS model, model).
Analyze the take a look at consequences.
One more beneficial framework for Android merchandise is Roboelectric. The testing technique with this tool does now not require a selected tool or emulator. The specialists are able to run tests without delay on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
What Are the Cons of Roboelectric?

High performance

High take a look at coverage
Execution on JVM
Support black container testing
No mocking
Inflation of aid and views
Roboelectric supports the following functions: the creation of Shadow training, the interception of the loading of Android lessons, using Javaassist, the binding of Shadow object to Android elegance. Due to most of these options, the checking of the application does now not require the actual Android environment.
Nowadays, mobile trying out may be very massive as the majority of users utilize mobile gadgets for numerous needs. Of route, there are quite a few other checking out frameworks for checking Android-primarily based utility and packages. Among them there are:

Android Junit Report – an instrumentation test runner that gives XML reviews for integrating with other tools.
Calculon – a Java framework this is launched on Dalvik VM (Virtual Machine).

Roboguide – used for injecting the dependency in Android app.
Android Mock – a tool for mocking the interfaces and classing on Dalvik VM.
To carry out cellular checking out, computing device checking out or internet web page checking out correctly these techniques should be adjusted for every employer and each mission. QATestLab is impartial, offshore software program testing employer placed in Kiev, Ukraine. QATestLab plays checking out of products on every stage of a software program development cycle.

Mounting Wood On The Wood Lathe: Using A Glue Block


While one of the brilliant advances in woodturning in recent years has been the development of the 4 jaw chuck to mount timber for turning, the price tag on a terrific chuck is a surprise to many tuners. In truth, the rate for a decent 4 jaw chuck frequently accedes the price of many starter lathes. One of the matters that a timber turner needs to recall when going into faceplate turning is the use of the old school glue block for containing timber.

The use of the glue block arises from the preference to not have screw holes found on the backside of such objects as bowls and platters. Generally, such an object is made by means of first rough turning it from green timber after which let it dry in the shop for a while. Later it’s far remounted to the wooden lathe and end turned. It is at some point of this remounting that it can be screwed to the faceplate, thus leaving holes within the finished product. These holes then need to be crammed or protected in a few way. In addition, the length of the screws determines a positive depth of timber that can’t be used or the tools might hit the screws themselves.

A simple answer and one century antique are using a glue block to preserve the wooden to the lathe.

First, the lowest of the bowl is flattened using a aircraft or different device. Second, a waste block of wood is screwed to the faceplate. Third, the waste block is flattened. Third, the waste block is glued to the lowest of the bowl the use of wood worker’s white glue.

Generally, a bit of craft paper is glued between the waste block and the bowl. This permits the bowl to end grew to become and then a chisel blow among the block and the bowl splits the paper down the middle. Then the waste paper can be sanded from the lowest of the bowl and the bottom finished. If preferred, the paper may also be eliminated from the waste block and it can be used once more.

There are some draw backs to this device. While glue has a splendid hold but it needs to be clamped and allow dry for at least 8 hours. Also, the timber used must be dry so this could now not help with green turnings. In addition, there’s the fuss of sanding away all that glue and paper, a mixture acknowledged for quick clogging sand paper.

Thankfully, a couple of contemporary glues rise to the event.

When turning dry wood which includes a dried bowl clean, hot glue can be used to connect the wood block to the bowl. Within a couple of minutes, it is prepared to mount on the lathe and turn. Either the block may be parted from the blank with the lathe going for walks or the complete assembly may be taken off and the waste block removed with a pointy rap of a chisel on the glue line. Any ultimate glue is easily peeled off.

Similarly, a medium thick cyanoacrylate glue may be used to bond a green blank to a waste block. The glue is applied to the waste block and accelerator to the clean and the two are pressed together. Again, a few minutes are sufficient to hold the paintings for turning and again a pointy blow at the glue line will separate them after the turning is completed.

Modern adhesives surely allow the old techniques to work in contemporary stores. While the era advances us a touch we’re nevertheless working in the historic fashion. The antique methods may not usually be pleasant, but they definitely work and paintings properly.