Halo Wars 2 PC beta won’t happen until early 2017

Halo Wars 2 underwent a closed beta check again in June, which sadly (and in spite of being playable at the Pc, as we noticed at the Pc Gaming Show at E3) was handiest for the Xbox One. Quite a few good records came out of the take a look at, 343 Industries boss Dan Ayoub said in a current Xbox Cord blog publish, to be able to bring about a few big modifications being made to the game.

“There are a large variety of man or woman adjustments and adjustments being made, inclusive of unit tuning, recreation mode pacing, UI enhancements, stability, and drift upgrades based at the information we acquired from the beta,” Ayoub wrote. “At an excessive stage, there are five main areas of consciousness that we’ll be adjusting, in addition to the general upgrades indexed above: controls, leader abilties, bases, resources and electricity, and population.”

The use and evolution of chief powers, for example, are being changed to lead them to less difficult to understand, whilst power collection costs could be scaled to the degree of the sport. Base systems are being adjusted to better mirror their kingdom of development and destruction, and populace counts are being expanded as properly. “That is only a subset of the high degree changes we are making, primarily based on all your splendid comments,” Ayoub stated.

Ayoub promised that Halo Wars 2 could be publicly playable at occasions like Gamescom and PAX West, despite the fact that he warned that now not all the modifications listed in his put up will necessarily be seen in the ones builds. But he also brought a few noes longer-completely-happy information for Pc gamers waiting to get their fingers on it: even as 343 has previously stated that the Pc beta will take area “in the direction of launch,” Ayoub clarified that it may not occur till someday in early 2017.


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We are able to react to [the PC beta], we’ll virtually be able to react to it, we have got lots of true tuning tools that let us react to comments speedy, Ayoub said in June because the Xbox One beta were given underway, and that I desire he wasn’t kidding: Halo Wars 2 is about for launch on February 21, 2017.