High-bandwidth support is being rolled out to Overwatch at this very moment

The update will set Overwatch’s default tick rate to 63Hz.


Rightly or wrongly, the Overwatch tick fee, that being the frequency at which the sport to your Computer receives updates from the server, has been a factor of competition for plenty of players. The sport’s everyday rate is 21Hz—it really is 21 updates in line with 2nd—which some people consider is simply too slow for an aggressive shooter. In June, Snowfall brought a high bandwidth option to custom games that enabled play at 60Hz as an alternative, and it reputedly went over nicely, as it’s now being rolled out to all games in both Short Play and competitive modes.

The excessive bandwidth alternative in Overwatch will increase the tick price from 21Hz to 63Hz, Community Manager Lilyrra defined on War.net. “Since we recognise that now not all net connections are identical, we’ve additionally introduced in tech with a purpose to mechanically and adaptively lower your replace fee if we find your connection can’t preserve up. Similarly, because high bandwidth servers (because the call suggests) will increase your bandwidth consumption, we’re additionally trying to add a choice to self-limit your replace price in a future patch.”

This isn’t always going to exchange your lifestyles, or even just your Overwatch revel in. Recreation Director Jeff Kaplan advised Eurogamer in June that during most cases, court cases approximately the tick price are really rooted in latency problems: What we used to refer to colloquially as “lag” again inside the days while we had been taking pictures at each different over telephone strains.
“I think gamers have latched onto server tick charge as being the cause that sure matters occur. One of the matters that gamers are upset about is that if they get shot, where they understand they had been at the back of a wall, that that is a problem with server tick charge,” he stated. “Absolutely there are contributions that would happen with both the server and the customer replace rates that would cause something like that to take place, but commonly, in maximum instances, you’re talking approximately latency.”


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Though, Lilyrra stated the increased fee “will assist the sport feel greater responsive.” high bandwidth support is being rolled out now, however Lilyrra warned that it can take a few weeks for the technique to be High-bandwidth completed in all areas.