Impressive Fan-Made Pokemon RPG Released After 9 Years [UPDATE

[UPDATE] The creators of Pokemon Uranium have eliminated all down load hyperlinks for the game. In a declaration posted on the game’s website, builders stated they have got now not been in my opinion contacted by way of Nintendo’s lawyers, but are taking the game down out of recognize for the rights-holders.

Pokemon Uranium reached extra than 1.5 million downloads.

Right here is the entire announcement:

“After receiving more than 1,500,000 downloads of our game, we have been notified of more than one takedown notices from legal professionals representing Nintendo of The usa. Even as we’ve now not in my view been contacted, it’s clear what their wishes are, and we appreciate those desires deep
“Consequently, we can now not offer legit down load hyperlinks for the game through our internet site. We have no connection to enthusiasts who reupload the sport files to their personal hosts, and we can’t confirm that the ones download links are all legitimate. We suggest you to be extremely careful approximately downloading the sport from unofficial resources.

“We are blown away through the reaction this sport has acquired, and we thank all a lot to your extremely good guide. We will retain to offer Pokemon Uranium-related information and updates thru our respectable channels. You are welcome to keep discussing and sharing content related to the sport on our forums and Discord, wherein there is a completely lively community.

“Thank you for reading, and allow’s proportion the affection of Pokemon!”

The authentic tale is beneath.

A fan-made Pokemon RPG has finally been released for Laptop after nearly a decade in improvement.

Pokemon Uranium includes the same old Red/Blue components, but introduces plenty of the latest things, consisting of the region of Tandor, greater than one hundred fifty Pokemon, and a Nuclear type. The intention of the game is to “recapture the traditional Pokemon enjoy” with a few twists. You could see most of the new Pokemon within the trailer beneath, which was released in July.


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The sport is now available for free to download from the Uranium website and does no longer require an emulator. It is available for Computer, with a Mac model still to return. As of this writing, the website is down due to the sheer quantity of attention It’s been getting now that the mission has been launched, according to a tweet.

Uranium appears to be an incredibly mind-blowing undertaking, which makes what seems like the inevitable cease-and-desist letter from Nintendo and The Pokemon Organisation so unlucky. The website and videos make it clean that Uranium is a no longer-for-earnings fan mission unaffiliated with the professional Pokemon logo.

But as we’ve seen time and again, that has little bearing on legal professionals figuring out to shut down those types of fan-made video games. Some other awesome undertaking, a remake of Metroid II known as venture AM2R, was recently launched and speedy served with DMCA takedown notices. In step with a weblog submit on August 9, its creator had not received a cease-and-desist letter, however the DMCA requests has pressured the game to essentially move underground. That could emerge as being the fate of Uranium as properly.