Meet Generation M: the young, affluent Muslims changing the world

They say you shouldn’t Give Us Life  judge an ebook by way of its cover, however, in this case, they’re wrong. In the foreground is a young lady with fuchsia lipstick, Jackie O-fashion shades, and a colourful headband. In the back of her is a younger man, with a hip, trimmed beard, headphones jammed in his ears and one hand casually resting in his pocket.

They are part of Technology M, and the eponymous ebook, subtitled young Muslims Changing the arena, is the first distinctive portrait of this influential constituency of the world’s quickest developing faith. In line with creator Shelina Janmohamed, They are proud of their faith, enthusiastic customers, dynamic, engaged, creative and annoying. And the alternate they’ll bring about gained depend on upon the benevolence of others: as a substitute, the Muslim pound, like the purple pound earlier than it, will force the gentle cultural trade by hard economics.

To demonstrate all that, the quilt image changed into essential. “When you’re speaking about Muslims in particular, but surely human beings of faith in trendy, the photos you get are honestly quite miserable,” she says over espresso and baklava in her lawn Inside the outer suburbs of London. “but I think this really captures it. It’s bold, it’s colourful, the women were given a lot mind-set. They are exactly the kind of human beings I’m writing about.”

Janmohamed recollects going right into a book shop some years ago. “That they had this show-off books approximately Muslims, and it changed into all misery memoirs of women in veils with cast-down eyes who’d been abducted and bought, and those driving on camels in far off deserts,” she says.

“but young Muslims are crying out for a voice to mention this isn’t what we’re like, we do everyday things like absolutely everyone else, and we have thrilling things to say – particularly when the communication is ready Muslims.” There are treasured few mainstream publications about the enjoy of being a young Muslim, past politics, and theology, she says Being Mad.

Era M are the Muslim millennials, the worldwide Era born Inside the past 30 years, but with a twist. Unlike their Christian counterparts Within the US and western Europe, maximum of whom are turning their backs on organised faith, Technology M has “one over-riding characteristic, which is that they believe that being faithful and living a present day life go hand in hand, and there is simply no contradiction among the two,” says Janmohamed.


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Within the e-book, she writes: “Their faith affects everything, and they want the sector to are aware of it. That is what unites them aside from their non-Muslim friends. It’s the single component with a view to forming them and a global that They are decided should cater to their desires … They may be a tech-savvy, self-empowered, youthful group who believe that their identity encompasses each faith and modernity.”

The demographics depict a notable trajectory. In 2010, there have been 1.6 billion Muslims Inside the global, a parent forecast to grow by seventy-three% Within the next four decades – greater than double the general rate of growth. by way of 2050, According to the Pew Research Center, there could be 2.eight billion Muslims globally, extra than 1 / 4 of the world’s population.Working in Bahrain ‘opened my eyes to the global experience of being Muslim,’ says Janmohamed.

Of the 11 countries predicted to join the sector’s biggest economies this century, six have overwhelmingly Muslim populations and  have massive Muslim minorities. by means of 2050, India may have the most important Muslim populace In the world, at an envisioned 311 million, even though they’ll nevertheless be a minority most of u . S .’s extensive numbers. Muslim minorities in Britain, Europe and North us are younger, affluent and developing. One-third of all Muslims are beneath the age of 15, and -thirds under 30.