Merrillville Police are seeking recommendations after bicyclis

An 18-year-old Merrillville woman became injured in the successful-and-run crash early Wednesday as she rode her bicycle home from work, police said.

The female became headed north on Merrillville Road crossing U.S. 30 on her pink and white bicycle simply earlier than 2:15 a.M. Whilst a westbound darkish-colored pickup truck struck her.

A witness informed police the truck had a purple light. The truck persevered west on U.S. 30 after striking the female and did not forestall, police stated.

The female turned into taken to Franciscan Health

Crown Point for remedy of non-life-threatening accidents, police stated.

Anyone with information about the hit-and-run is asked to call Detective Nate Dillahunty at 219-769-3531, ext. 364.

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Waze app how-to: Tips and tricks for ditching Google Maps


Few things can confuse humans shifting to Spain more than the unique Spanish police forces that exist at some stage in u . S . – every of which wears a special uniform and each of which has a special ambit of operation from the alternative force!


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Of route, the general public can recognize the Guardia Civil of their inexperienced uniforms and (when on ceremonial obligation) black tri-nook hats. However, who’s the other police and what do they do? In fact, you may ask (as many do!), are the Guardia Civil without a doubt the terrifying guardians of Spain’s Francoist beyond and likely to knock on your door at any second and eliminate you unexpectedly to some darkish jail?

The reality is that the Spanish police is largely composed of 3 forces

The Guardia Civil, the Policia Nacional, and the Policia Local. I say ‘basically’ due to the fact the Basque united states of America, Catalonia and Navarra all have their personal regional police forces – all of which, in these regions, is in a region of the Policia Nacional. The 3 principal forces are:

1. Guardia Civil. To all intents and purposes, the Guardia Civil is a conventional police force who operate in precisely the identical way as the police of another cutting-edge European country. They have the assets, powers, and facilities of an everyday police pressure and are usually sought after within Spain for their excessive stage of subject and professionalism. Whilst they’re an army force (with military ranks) in peacetime they act under the civil authority and have no extremely good powers.

Importantly, the remit of the Guardia Civil is to police rural regions and towns underneath round 20,000 humans. So, they do not function in city regions with a population over about 20,000 humans. If you go through a criminal offense otherwise you want police help in a rural area of Spain then it’s far to the Guardia Civil to whom you ought to turn – and who will attend to the investigation of any problem.

In ordinary instances, some 40% of the Spanish

The population lives below the safety of the Guardia Civil, despite the fact that this percentage rises to around 65% at some stage in the summer season excursion season – whilst many ‘urbanites’ leave the cities and cities for the coast and the countryside.

2. Policia Nacional. The Policia Nacional are generally dressed in black uniforms with white shirts but they may be visible also sporting blue, navy fashion uniforms. Like the Guardia Civil, they are a conventional police pressure – albeit that they’re a completely civil force with civil (in preference to military) ranks. It is to them which you ought to cross in case you suffer against the law or want police to assist within an urban area – and it’s miles simplest the Policia Nacional who will reply to (or inspect a crime) in a town of some 20,000 humans or more.

Product Recommendations for Western Boots


I am someone who loves cowboy boots and I should observe them for hours if I should. I might purchase such a lot of if I had the price range to purchase more. I wanted to proportion a number of my tips I even have about some fantastic boots.

For Western rider’s cowboy boots are a massive deal and they are essential.

I know I actually have searched many locations for a boot that would healthy me just right and suit the form of use I could be wanting them for while riding and playing around within the barn. My first pair of boots broke aside and slowly started to go to pot. Eventually, I needed to many holes in them to use to any extent further, so it turned into the time to get a new pair. I determined to get a pair of boots that was from the logo Ariat. This is a boot and garb logo this is very widely known within the horse international. I might strongly endorse this emblem of boots to all and sundry. I even have had them for over 4 years and they still are water evidence and holding up thoroughly. The bottom of the boots is rubber so that they are not going to wear down like my other boots did, which were a form of a wooden bottom. After getting these boots, I even have fallen in love with this corporation.

When show season came round,

I determined I had to get a couple of display boots that would fit my black chaps. I located a pair of Ariat black Fatbaby boots that worked out perfect for what I changed into searching out and what I needed. I have used these boots in numerous indicates and they have now not fallen apart or had barely any wear in any respect. These boots are luxurious, so do not be surprised if you have to pay over one hundred greenbacks for a couple of these boots. They are an expensive buy no matter in which you cross, but from revel in this is the logo that I am becoming the maximum for my money. It’s higher to get a pair a good way to ultimate you for years than a pair with a view to only ultimate you some months till they may want to get replaced. So, for each person who is in search of a couple of western boots or wants to recognize a great emblem to check out, please recall Ariat, because they will not disappoint you.

Bicyclists – Beat Or Treat Potential Overheating Symptoms With Your Own Know-How and Supplies


Not all bicyclists do nicely during warm climate rides, especially on routes wherein little color exists, to begin with, or when the rider’s body desires to close down for no apparent purpose apart from being barely hot or tired. These heat-related signs generally occur when the body can not cool itself right down to healthy temperatures for the duration of athletic exercise. Here are three basic methods to avoid or deal with potential warmness-associated signs even as riding in hot sunny weather.

1. The fast way: leap right into a creek or lake, carefully!

Recently, an expert private trainer wrote in a sports activities magazine that overheated bicyclists want to chill off fairly rapid through immersing themselves in cool water. If essential, this treatment ought to mean leaping into a close-by creek or lake if one exists. Such a pass works properly clearly as it cools down all the frame unexpectedly. But, what if this water supply is infested with dangerous natural world, algae, or bacteria?

Several years ago, a collection of teenagers in a southern nation desired to cool off quick by swimming inside the clean blue water of an abandoned strip mining pit. One boy, annoying to be the first one in, leaped into the water in his underwear. When he surfaced, a dozen water moccasins had been clinging to his frame with the aid of their mouths. Apparently, he had landed in an underwater mass of them. Most of the snakes had been young. Still, the boy did not make it to the health center in time to be stored.

Be careful when getting into a creek, pond, or lake, especially if it may preserve risky wildlife. Rather than jumping into the water, use a can, carton, or water bottle to draw it, after which pour it over yourself. Otherwise, wade into the shallows, and splash the water onto your head and torso with your arms.

2. Add protection precautions to a pre-planned hot-weather journey.

Gradually acclimate your self to driving in hot weather in advance of time.
Wear not unusual but mild-colored clothing so as to additionally wick sweat away properly.
Avoid the noon heat. Ride most effective throughout the morning or night hours, or when the climate is cloudy and pretty cool.
Avoid riding on surfaces that come to be first-rate hot for the duration of sunny hot climate.
Take the back-roads or trails having good enough color and natural water spots on or close to them. If viable, scout the supposed route beforehand of time. Look for good enough shade from underpasses, tunnels, trees, buildings, or trailheads. Also, take a look at for water spots to chill off with if it comes to that, e.G., creeks, ponds, lagoons, fountains, marshes, drainage ditches, slews, lakes, and trailheads equipped with walking water.
Stay close to civilization. Plan your journey to go through small towns or near convenience shops where bottled and running water are to be had, and wherein you can still cool off under air-conditioning.
Ride with a protection-minded partner or institution.
Carry a mobile smartphone to touch assist out of your family, friends, or emergency numbers.
Take benefit of the backed rides. These rides have resources-and-tools (SAG) relaxation stops each 10-20 miles. They provide shade, electricity food, and funky drinking water. Volunteers also patrol those rides for health and protection motives. They offer rides to bicyclists needing them. For a small registration price, those rides are an awful lot more secure than exposing oneself to the recent-climate factors precariously.