‘Our full report on education has not been published’

aFormer Cupboard Secretary and head of the committee on the new training coverage, T.S.R. Subramanian tells The Hindu that the government posted best extracts of the report submitted by using the committee because the file turned into important of India’s journey in education.

The identity of your committee on the new education policy changed into changed from ‘drafting committee’ to ‘evolution committee’. Now your file is being known as ‘inputs’. Has its significance been watered down?

I don’t know if the expectation turned into that we would praise the system. We’ve executed wholesale criticism… The main cause why the report was no longer published and extracts were given turned into that this complaint must no longer come to the general public. Sadly, there’s nothing to praise. We confirmed the fact. It has not anything to do with A or B but indicates 70 years of misgovernance.

What’s your opinion approximately the call being modified?

If a great policy comes, I don’t think credit score desires to receive to each person specifically. As a country, we cannot wait now. See in which Korea is. See what China has accomplished. Whilst can we exchange things?

There was extensive-ranging consultations final yr and they’re occurring even now. Does it make feel?

With a bit of luck, the device is poised to announce the selections. I do now not see this as a reopening of problems. I see it as consolidation of reactions. Inputs may not come from Mars; so some other 3 years’ examination won’t assist. however I assume the Minister is eager — he’s correctly no longer looking at one character, supply or document. education policy is just too essential a thing to be attributed to at least one man or woman, birthday party or idea. It will affect the entire united states of America. What subjects is what answers come. Cosmetic changes can be disastrous.

What is the manner forward from the coverage?

Each of those ninety-five pointers may be converted into policy, modified or rejected. It has info on how matters are to be accomplished. In 1986, they did no longer have a framework committee to convert coverage into action factors. There was no time-frame. It’s miles for the Ministry to determine. but that, in my opinion, is clearly crucial. There ought to also be tracking. Otherwise, any new policy may be in the air.

Former HRD minister and Congress chief Kapil Sibal said There has been nothing in your document to make sure access, exceptional and equity. Any comments?

My maximum charitable remark would be he is a very busy man in all likelihood protecting Rahul (Gandhi). Maybe he did not get time (to read it). From the primary to the closing web page, the report is ready the want to reduce inequality and enhance excellently. We’ve got also said that thanks to Sibal, the problem of availability of training turned into solved to some extent.


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There was criticism that your committee lacked real educationists.

I have been chancellor of a college for 3 years. I have an educational programme for bad children. As leader secretary, I went to Washington for the primary Global Financial institution programme on education for all. I have been to Imperial College and Harvard. The others within the committee had educational revel in. the instructional area has many forms of know-how — pedagogy, school, infrastructure, training, management, financing, and so forth. If all of us says he knows all about it, he is a fraud.