Pope Francis Sports Black Eye After Popemobile Incident in Colombia

Pope Francis ended his ride in Colombia on Sunday with a black eye after hitting his head in his popemobile while it unexpectedly stopped, The Washington Post mentioned. The pope became preserving onto simplest a hip-high bar whilst the car drove via crowds of properly-wishers. In addition to the black eye, he suffered a cut on his eyebrow that dripped blood onto his white cassock while he lost his stability. The pope persevered together with his application with out incident after his eyebrow became patched up.

Two excessive-upward thrust creation cranes in Miami collapsed

on Sunday due to intense wind speeds added via Hurricane Irma. The typhoon made landfall in south Florida on Sunday morning as a class 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph. The cranes had been constructed to face up to wind speeds of as much as 145 mph, NBC Miami reported.

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Hurricane Irma weakened to a Category 2 typhoon Sunday night after first hitting Florida as a Category four on Sunday morning, CNN mentioned. The National Hurricane Center said Irma is now climbing north along the country’s coast with maximum sustained winds of 110 mph. Several places which have now not been without delay hit are facing flooding and downed power traces. At least 2.Eight million people in Florida have lost power considering the fact that tropical pressure winds and heavy rain first hit the state early Sunday morning. Also, two Florida police officers died Sunday morning in a head-on collision whilst responding to the typhoon, although it is uncertain whether hurricane conditions brought about the crash.

Leh & Ladakh: A Cocktail of Adventure Sports, Trekking Trails, Misty Valleys and Monasteries


freezing winds and burning hot sunlight, bloodless desolate tract in the rain shadow of the awe inspiring Great Himalayas. Globetrotters get mesmerized within the verdant surroundings of the vicinity more desirable with misty valleys, lofty mountain levels, and captivating landscapes.

Leh is the most important town, located in Ladakh, that’s called the ‘land of high passes’, in which you come upon some of the exceptional scenery on this earth. The region is full of vacationers’ delights with scenic splendor, Buddhist monasteries, rich lifestyle & way of life, journey sports activities, trekking trails, historical monuments & locations, lush green fertile fields at a stretch subsidized by using the jagged mountains, shimmering streams & rivers truly make this area a coldest barren region of India. The area is fondly described because of the Land like No Other.


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Leh & Ladakh hosts the essence of Buddhism,

where you could connect to your internal self, peace, concord and the essence of Buddhism. The monasteries in the area are the repositories of Buddhist wealthy tradition and religion. Sankar Gompa, Spituk Gompa, Hemis Monastery, Shey Gompa and Thiksey Monastery are some of the popular monasteries right here.

Ladakh is referred to as the ‘journey capital’ of India because The geographical functions, best climatic situations and high stages of lofty mountains allures journey lovers to indulge themselves in spell binding sports activities. This location serves a cocktail of a string of adrenaline-pumping sports.

The interesting and interesting sports activities right here are absolutely incomparable. People can pass for white water river rafting, mountaineering, biking, camel safaris, polo and archery below the steerage of the specialists. The vicinity is exactly the dream vicinity for the hiking. Trekking at the breathtaking routes is one of these fun loving interest.

In this vicinity, there are numerous breathtaking viewpoints such as the Leh Palace

Stock Palace Museum and plenty of low-roofed houses. During the visit, the travelers can also revel in awesome frozen rivers, snow clad peaks and high passes. Tso-Moriri, Tsokar, and Pangong Tso Lakes are the maximum picturesque factors of the vicinity. The Gorgeous Pangong Lake in Ladakh is the highest salt water lake within the international and is a place of hypnotic herbal beauty.

The cultural entourage of Leh & Ladakh shines in its mosaic fairs and festivals. Don’t miss to take part in the colorful Buddhist festivals which include Hemis festival, Sindhu Darshan, Ladakh festival, Losar pageant and many others. All those galas are celebrated with exquisite pomp, show and interesting dramas and dances on traditional song.

There are a number of outdoor markets in

Ladakh in which vacationers have the pride to buy all sort of stuff. One can spend hours inside the market. The most popular and promoting item in Ladakh are pashmina wool cloths, wall hangings, jewelry, hand woven carpets and rugs and so forth.

Last but now not least there is much more to explore in phrases of meals in Leh Ladakh, momos, Chhurpi, Gitmo, Butter Tea, Qahwa, steamed dumplings full of vegetables or meat are the principle items of Ladakh delicacies. Some well-known eating places offer global delicacies as well – Continental, Italian, Chinese, Israeli.

The Incident at Bethsaida


One of the maximum uncommon miracles that Jesus finished changed into executed in Bethsaida. Here a blind man changed into added to Jesus by means of a group of people that were determined to witness yet another supernatural manifestation. They have been so involved in witnessing the staggering that when they introduced the person to Jesus they begged Him to heal him. It does now not seem that the blind guy changed into self-influenced to get hold of healing, or in the event that they have been close friends or associates; as a substitute, it changed into the excitement of the organization that desired to see a miracle. The group motivation is just like the four guys who had torn a hole in the roof of a house so they may lower a person suffering from palsy to Jesus. The Bible says that when Jesus noticed their faith, He spoke healing to the person on the pallet. (Mark 2:1-12) In both of those incidents, the stricken showed no commitment to the capacity miracle. Jesus, sensing the motivation from the group at Bethsaida, takes the person by way of the hand and leads him out of the village, far from the circus ecosystem. Jesus then does something that could shock even the most impartial observer; He spits on the person’s eyes! Seemingly totally out of man or woman with His restoration miracles, He asks him what he sees. The guy responds with the aid of announcing that guys look like timber strolling. Jesus places His hands on him once more, and this time his sight is absolutely restored. After the person’s recovery, Jesus tells him not to move again into the village or to inform what has befell to everyone from the city, as a minimum for that day. (Mark 8:22-26)

What are we to attract from this uncommon account?

People can be prompted or encouraged via the pleasure of others. There is not anything to infer that the blind guy expected that he could ever see once more. He consented to be the focal point of the revel in, but it turned into more an appeasement to the miracle seeking institution. Notice the person did now not request the restoration, however the institution insisted on it, even beseeching Jesus to do it. Jesus greatly surprised the gang by means of leading him outside the village. What He was doing become weaning the blind guy from the sign seekers. The spitting on his eyes changed into step one in the direction of his healing. The spitting turned into the bridge among signs and symptoms and private faith. When his sight changed into restored partially, he changed into “seeing” the possibility of whole sight recovery. When Jesus laid His hands on him the second one time, the man’s religion kicked into equipment and sight changed into restored. I actually have seen through the years many who have been physically challenged being entreated to attend “arenas” where miracles could be witnessed. People are talked into going because of the pleasure of sign seekers. I even have even visible the selling of monetary giving to help in a single’s healing. People fall for this because of the excitement of others.

Another time, Jesus spit on the ground and made clay and anointed the eyes of a blind guy. He advised him to go wash and, while he did, his sight becomes restored. (John 9:1-7) Jesus knows what every one of us wishes, and we don’t need over-zealous businesses main us to wherein they want to head. Much of the confusion approximately healing is added approximately through a lack of Biblical knowledge. In Jericho, a blind guy named Bartimaeus was healed by his personal faith. (Mark 10:46-fifty two)

Halloween in Colombia


Teaching English in Colombia: Halloween

Did that Halloween is well known in Colombia? It’s a huge time holiday too.
Adults and youngsters alike get dressed up in costumes and makeup. Employees in many places of work, banks, supermarkets and retail shops also put on a simple gown, face paint or special makeup. “Why do Colombians celebrate Halloween” I’ve requested frequently. I’ve been coaching English in Colombia for more than a decade now and nevertheless, no one can definitely inform me how Halloween came to be adopted on this kind of huge scale in Colombia.

“We never celebrated Halloween when I was an infant,” Doris Lopez says watching her grandchildren “match up” as “the Flash” and a Princess. She provides, “My youngsters by no means celebrated Halloween or went “trick or treating, either”. Her youngsters, now of their mid-thirties, do take their youngsters out using the expression, “Tricky, problematic Halloween” to solicit sweet, chocolates and treats from neighbors.

One Halloween Costume “Rule”

When celebrating Halloween in Colombia there’s one unwritten rule although. It’s that you cannot put on a full-face mask or “modify” your appearance past the recognizable. Why? I suppose often because there may be a positive “detail” of folks that could use the vacation to cover themselves and devote crimes. Just suppose, someone walks right into a financial institution or huge store dressed in a gorilla match, then robs the region and its customers. After leaving the scene, the offender wants the handiest ditch the fit and could be absolutely immune to the popularity of any kind. The character may want to also be standing proper there when the police arrived and nobody will be the wiser!

Private Celebrations in Schools

Many number one and secondary faculties sponsor their own activities for his or her prices at the school grounds inviting mother and father and circle of relatives participants to take part in video games, dramas, parades and gown-judging and other kinds of contests. During training, a variety of sports are covered which include coloring books, particularly-organized meals, treats and baked goods. Spooky memories are examined, watched or listened to. A realia like plastic spiders, ghost figures, witches, Jack-o-lanterns (curious due to the fact pumpkins aren’t grown in Colombia) and diverse “monsters” are used for decoration, name tags and in a ramification of other methods.

A Highly Commercialized Festivity

Merchants are continually eager to get into the act as is in all likelihood true global. Not most effective are there “specials” on a large range of applications of chocolates, lollipops, and chocolates, but commercial buying centers sponsor Halloween sports and feature a “Trick or Treat” session from about four:00 pm to round 6:00 pm. During that time parents deliver their kids to the mall to head from save to store wherein treats are handed out to them. The large department stores right here in Cali may have upwards of eighty stores and shops making for quite a “haul” if the little tykes can keep out long enough to hit most people of them. Costumes and make up run the gauntlet from queens, fairies, princesses and people costumes through a menagerie of animals, caricature characters, terrific-heroes (Batman, Wonder Woman and Spiderman predominate) to pirates, Jedi, wizards (look out Harry Potter) kings and Ninjas. Vampires and infantrymen are commonly frowned upon. There are Halloween parties held at many homes inside the nighttime too offering Cali’s track of preference – Salsa. Have you ever visible Spiderman dancing Salsa with a Power-Puff Girl? It’s a actual hoot. It’s no marvel coaching English in Colombia continues to be so exciting.