Six tips for staying safe online

An increasing number of humans are falling sufferer to cyber crimes, from downloading malware to falling for phishing scams. We spoke to Kaspersky Lab Africa’s MD Riaan Badenhorst to find out how customers can stay secure on-line. Here are six suggestions for staying safe online. Encrypt your sensitive information “In case your smart tool or computer consists of facts encryption features, ensure you use them to minimize the chances of your personal information from being misplaced or stolen,” Badenhorst says. This could observe to whatever from confidential documents to photos you wouldn’t need to reveal up online. Numerous working structures have some manner of encrypting documents and a short internet seek can factor you inside the right path. Don’t use unreliable apps Messenger apps are considered through users to be the maximum unreliable communication equipment, consistent with Kaspersky Lab studies. However, it’s quite difficult to avoid the use of those apps in today’s online global. Badenhorst suggests handiest using apps you realize that you may consider. “It is also essential that users are careful when choosing online equipment for non-public communication, and simplest use a tool reliably protected by way of a password and a web protection solution,” he says. Whatsapp this year announced that it had encrypted person messages, that means that your facts are quite secure. But there are a few unreliable apps accessible. Deploy a web safety app Badenhorst indicates using net security apps and programs to guard your devices. There is a ramification of alternatives out there with varying tiers of protection. Of course, he touts Kaspersky internet security for Android as a good choice. “It could assist shield your privacy, and shield non-public statistics, even If your device is lost or stolen. It also has a feature that permits you to protect and track all of the facts stored on your telephone – so that it is effortlessly traceable and nicely blanketed,” he says. Create a sturdy password This should be the oldest recommendation within the e-book, however, it’s also the most customarily left out advice. Having a robust password is the primary line of defense from having your facts accessed without permission. You must also not use the equal password for a couple of accounts – in any case, this is how Fb’s Mark Zuckerberg was given hacked earlier this 12 months. Don’t open suspicious emails One of the simplest approaches hackers can get your personal information is by way of using e-mail scams. Whilst most of now recognize not to agree with those Nigerian prince requests for the assist, there are numerous variations of scams available Pressography. “In light of emails that declare that you have gained the lottery or a certain amount of money due to a competition, if it’s too properly to be true – it likely is,” Badenhorst stated. “Do not forget to In no way send your personal records thru email to all people you do not know (now not even banks ask for this data via e-mail).” additionally, do now not open documents or comply with hyperlinks from senders you do not know – This will often cause malware being downloaded on your device. “In most instances, when dealing with an unsolicited mail message, the high-quality route of action is to really delete the message right away,” Badenhorst says. Be cautious While buying online shopping is One of the fantastic things about the internet – however, it additionally comes with dangers. “At Kaspersky Lab, we inspire users to check if the URL onto the deal with bar is accurate. In place of just clicking a hyperlink to take you to your preferred retailer’s website, it’s more secure to kind the store’s URL into the deal with a bar to your net browser. It could take a touch more attempt, but this simple action can help to save you-you visiting a fake or malicious website,” Badenhorst says. also, usually take a look at if you have to install any payment statistics that the URL starts with “https”. Sites that don’t have valid protection certificates may not have this, or if their safety certificate has expired there might be a pink line through the “https” to suggest it isn’t necessarily comfortable.


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