The RAPTURE is approaching September 23, claims Christian Evangelist

Christian Evangelist Gary Ray believes the start of the case is about to start on September 23, while Jesus will go back.

And the theory comes from a sequence of calculations based on the Bible.

Mr. Ray says he subtracted 2017 ‘prophetic years’ of 360 days – in preference to calendar years – from September 23, 2017, to reach “inside the Fall of 29 AD” – the begin date for the yr of Jesus’ ministries where he becomes baptized.

The conspiracy theorist says this is widespread because 29 AD is while Jesus’ followings really won traction earlier than his crucifixion three years later in 32 AD.

By analyzing Biblical texts, Mr. Ray believes September 23 will mark the return of Jesus and there can be “a seven-year period of awful tribulations”.

The cause September 23 is so crucial to Mr. Ray is due to the fact the solar will appear inside the constellation Virgo – Latin for ‘virgin’, IE the Virgin Mary.

Following the sun eclipse final month, this is a sign the rapture is supposedly coming.

Revelation 12:1 says: “A high-quality signal regarded in heaven; a girl clothed with the sun with the moon beneath her ft and a crown of 12 stars on her head.

The rapture in the bible

“And being with the infant, she cried out in her travel and become in soreness of delivery.”
Writing for Christian internet site Unsealed Mr. Ray said the date will mark the return of Jesus when he’s going to forget his judgment in a duration with the intention to closing seven years.

Mr. Ray said: “I am no longer dogmatic approximately this

But I assume while you put all of the pieces collectively, the 3 and a 1/2 12 months idea in all fairness conclusive, this means that Jesus started His ministry within the past due Summer or Fall of 29 AD. 2017 prophetic years earlier than September 23, 2017, is September 7, 29 AD.

“Isaiah and the alternative prophets inform us that Jesus would have two earthly ministries: the first because of the Suffering Servant and the second one as King and Judge.


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“Does it no longer pique your interest that 2017 and 2024 prophetic years earlier than an increasingly probably 2017 AD and 2024 AD Second Coming/Tribulation time-body, respectively, appear to outline Fall 29 AD, while Jesus has become the Suffering Servant and Lamb of God and while the motive for which He first came into the arena commenced

The Rapture Has Already Started


Now that there is no more time, the rapture has already started. Christians who accept as true with in the second coming of Christ have, depending on the Christian group, mapped out their own time desk on how the Lord will come once more. There have been talks of the trumpet sounds, the rapture, resurrection of the lifeless, the Armageddon battle, the first and 2nd death, and so on. But Christians have in no way come to an agreement on what those standards suggest, and the collection of happenings. Out of these, the most debatable and arguably maximum deceptive is the idea of rapture. Once again, I have to deliver causes primarily based on my information of the work In Th Light Of Truth The Grail Message via Abd-ru-shin.

Rapture, if the dictionary definition is to go by means of

Is a state of bliss. Longman dictionary defines rapture as a brilliant exhilaration, pride, and happiness. The Christian definition of rapture is therefore new. The preferred knowledge of rapture via Christians show that they consider that they may be intended to disappear from the face of the earth-to paradise, perhaps-just earlier than the terrific tribulation. This changed into premised on 1 Thessalonian 4:13-18. It is the literal interpretation of this part of revelation approximately the cease time that results within the misguided concept of rapture. According to Paul’s letter to Thessalonians, the Creator will carry Christ (at some stage in the second coming) with individuals who are asleep(ie. Individuals who are dead). That manner that they will be woken up at the coming of Christ. For consistent with him, Christ will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an Archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the useless in Christ could be the first to rise, and those who’re alive shall be stuck up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. That, coupled with 1 Corinthians 15:50-fifty four, completes the muse for rapture concept, in step with sure Christian idea.

To understand these passages, positive basics should be taken into consideration. The first is the reality that the Bible is first and principal a spiritual e book before whatever else. Hence, as an instance, when Christ instructed his disciples that they could again be round while he comes, they understood it to mean that they may now not die earlier than the second one coming. That became why, as lots of them started to die, rumors have been that positive among them-John, for instance, in all likelihood because he changed into the youngest-might now not die. That triggered them to ask Christ, as recorded in the gospel consistent with John after Christ seemed to them after the resurrection-simply before the ascension-whether John can be around till Christ comes again. He answered by using asking what it’s far to them if he makes a decision that John can be around throughout the coming of the Son of Man.

The idea of rapture falls into such category. It can only be explained using the religious perspective.

It is not feasible for every body in flesh and blood to be catapulted the sky to fulfill Christ or any other man or woman for that rely. Even at that, proponents of rapture insists that those to be raptured will meet Christ mid air until the time of tribulation which they equate with the reign of the antichrist is passed. It is not explained whether or not they will be striking approximately inside the air till the Armageddon is over, for flesh and blood, consistent with Paul, can’t inherit the kingdom of God(1 Cor. 15: forty-52). They can not likely use parachutes, or it will land. Unless they all use hot air balloons, whose cluster will position them vulnerable to flying aircraft flown by way of not raptured pilots.

Rapture in its simplicity is already taking location.

Human beings supposed to survive the time of troubles are being marked on their foreheads in order that their spirits might be protected as long as they themselves do not breach the protection from inside. This is the new baptism, now and again known as the brand new anointing. Anyone so anointed is included in opposition to the powers of the darkness unless he himself stretches out his palms toward the darkness. Hence, inside the truest experience of it, anointing breaks the yoke. But this has not anything to do with the knowledge of anointing in preferred, in which a few form of religious ecstasy is brought on at the anointed one. Rather it is associated with the sealing of the 144000 referred to as ones on Patmos, in which the Son of Man sealed them on their foreheads and binds them to himself spiritually. Hence those sealed are “stuck up inside the air”ie, the relationship and binding are not secular, not physical-although those so certain with the Son of Man are predicted to wear bodily the sign of truth as a seal of their conviction. That activity is ongoing now, a state of affairs prophesied inside the ebook of Ezekiel chapter 8and 9. These are the those who will internally alternate due to the fact they may be wide awake, as Paul stated that we shall be modified, in a second, inside the twinkle of a watch. Then the trumpet shall sound-this refers back to the closing trumpet, which ends up in the resurrection of all that is useless to pass judgment on them. With this animating of the whole lot, the first rate tribulation sets in completely with the appearance of the comet or the signal of the son of Man, that is similar to the closing trumpet. Hence the raptured, whether or not in flesh or no longer, turns into pillars on the way to stand like oasis to help mankind in distress find the route out of the collapsing world gadget, out of the chaos of the crumble of the mind, wherein those who make it their god and has its mark on their foreheads and right arms are abandoned to perilous pain-those with the mark of 666 on

Modern Ways Of Approaching Building Projects


Many humans work on computer systems nowadays. They earn their dwelling by being related to the net. This has changed existence for lots. Also for people who design, whether it’s big industry or your very own enterprise.

Today maximum designers want cad applications to useful resource them within the place of work.

CAD – computer aided design – now takes the vicinity of a few personnel in a workplace, simply because it gets the job accomplished quicker and in maximum instances with fewer issues in terms of the result. It also receives to the client faster than before, it’s miles maintained.

With the advent of cad packages, guide drafting turned into changed with the aid of automated procedures and became out of date in lots of offices and industries. What CAD does that became before tough to do, is to carry out each thing of the layout to create a product that has the desired effect for both dressmaker and purchaser.

The cad software allows the fashion designer to grow to be greater creative, to exchange as he is going alongside, to improve positive elements of what he’s busy with and to examine continuously. In brief, CAD allows the designer to optimise all aspects of the work and to supply a product so that it will be of super excellent. In the system he also will become greater efficiency, saving pointless hours that may in any other case have been wasted.

The designer desires to construct his assignment around standards which include facts bases which are wished for all factors of producing and manufacturing, however additionally documentation for document preserving and observe-up strategies. Where CAD is added, the clothier could be capable of collecting his statistics thru electronic files. Gone are the times of someone filing lists and lists of papers in a metal cabinet. Most participants of the more youthful generation have possibly not visible one.

Cad lets in the consumer to keep all records on computers in particular designed

And advanced files which allow smooth get right of entry to. With right backup structures in the vicinity, the designer now not has to fear that his records and documents will wander away due to negligent behavior, robbery or fire. The application allows him to store all his work for so long as he needs access thereto.

Professionals who benefit from cad programs are a varied institution. Very few professions these days can do without cad applications. Virtually each clothier within the fields of architecture, creation, building, engineering and associated professions wishes these programs to run. Because the applications provide so many features, the dressmaker can feel assured that he’s going to whole his challenge to the best standards.

Through digital techniques, the architect and engineer can quickly evaluate if they are on the identical music whilst they may be running on a project collectively. Adjustments are clean to make with the right cad programs available. Similarly, the builder has got admission to the drawing plans and may speak any problems with the architect and engineer.

How To Sell Christian Songs


If you’ve got written a religion based totally track and want to make cash from it, here’s how to promote Christian songs!

The income stream from Christian songs consists of radio airplay on Christian stations, CD income through Christian ebook shops; CD income thru secular stores together with Walmart; CD sales at live events, downloads direct out of your own ministry website; and sales thru Amazon.Com, iTunes, and different sites.

It can also consist of profits from your tune’s use in Christian films, cable tv, and network tv; use in product classified ads, track book e-book, royalties from churches using your track in performs or worship, foreign makes use of for all the above… The listing keeps and it’s lengthy. If your song garners radio airplay you will get hold of royalties from SESAC, BMI or ASCAP.

To get the movement flowing you need to determine in case you want a track writer to address your music and take advantage of the copyright or if you prefer to keep a higher percent through self-publishing.

Next, you will need to have either a demonstration recording

(a.Okay.A. “a demo”) made for pitching your songs to Christian track publishers, manufacturers and document businesses, a master recording made or have a confined release CD made containing your track(s) for yourself-publishing efforts.

A grasp unmarried or a constrained launch CD can also double as a demo but it’s extra pricey. This step will fee money however if your track is good enough to promote, it’s a necessary investment you will recoup later.

Most songwriters write both lyrics and track. If you only have lyrics written to this point you’ll need to have a melody and chords created on your lyric because track enterprise professionals don’t study lyrics, they concentrate to demos. Most demo services will write the song for a rate below a “work for rent” agreement that helps you to maintain all rights.

Note which you cannot promote a track outright for coins to every body, everywhere, this is now not a felony because of laws handed years ago. Songwriters have been being taken advantage of many years ago by way of track publishers who would pay starving songwriters some greenbacks for a song then make thousands and thousands, so Congress intervened. The cash drift comes from mechanical and airplay royalties. If you self-post you’ll get cash from downloads, sales of your CDs, and other assets listed above.