Obduction’s Beautiful World Is a Worthy Successor to Myst

Till THE SIMS broke the Give Sun Light  report in 2006, the satisfactory-selling Laptop recreation of all time was a gradual collection of vignettes across parallel worlds. It was Myst, an innovative and atypical puzzle game that appeared and performed like nothing else.Obduction1.jpg

Myst, initially released in 1993, became drizzled with mysticism and mystery; a story of books and authors who may want to use the one’s books to entangle and reshape entire geographical regions. It turned into interested by exploration and every now and then excruciating puzzles and had no interest in maximum widespread video game tropes. There have been no enemies, no friends, and little guidance. Notwithstanding that, its fans bear in mind Myst as stunningly practical.

“We’re no longer sports designers,” Rand Miller told Grantland in 2013. “We were location designers.” For co-creators Rand and Robyn Miller, Myst changed into approximately the geography, and the memories that it told.


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This year, the Millers’ company Cyan Worlds has back to its origins with Obduction. Kickstarted all through the gold rush of 2013 and to be had now for Laptop, it represents an attempt to capture the spirit of Myst in a distinctive vicinity and time. Thinking about the hugely exceptional video game landscape of 2016, the truth that this recreation exists at all is sudden. Even more sudden is how well it succeeds.Obduction2.jpg

I’m standing on a piece of desert, orange dirt beneath my feet, orange rocks forming walls around me. The sky above me is an unnatural crimson, the massive shadow of an unknown planet lurking behind the clouds. In the front of me is a white house. There’s a small mailbox here, with a notice inside. The house seems wrenched from its foundations, the concrete of its driveway and adjacent sidewalk damaged, resting awkwardly on the desert floor. It changed into torn right here from every other location, once more, and honestly, every other video game, dropped with little fanfare into an alien measurement.

I used to be torn right here, too. The player in Obduction is summoned by using an alien seed, a chunk of biotech that tears gadgets and people from one vicinity to every other, creating enclaves like Hunrath, a bit of Arizona inside the middle of an alien somewhere. As in Myst, it’s a mystery to be able to remedy thru a chain of puzzles that serve to spread the places you go to earlier than you want a grade college beau’s surpassed observe. These puzzles train you about the lives of objects and those both acquainted and cosmically overseas. They’re a method of riding you via the architecture that Cyan has created and a manner to hint the connections that Cyan has meticulously constructed into them.

Obduction is about the not likely strains of destiny that bind people and places together. You need to warp space in this sport, pulling pieces of planets through the portals the seeds create, building a network of machine and biology that spans dimensions and records. Who positioned me right here, and in which am I intended to head? These questions are larger than Obduction.Obduction3.jpg

I haven’t beaten Obduction. I play puzzle video games slowly, and I’ll in all likelihood spend any other month combing thru this one. I will speak to the nice of the puzzles through the whole package. Up to now, they’re hard, but they paintings off of actual international common sense and communicate absolutely. This isn’t The Witness, in which the puzzles are built out in their personal set of self-referential math textbook rule sets.

What I can communicate to is the nice of the area. I contend that Myst became a hit for exactly the cause the Millers assume it turned into They built realities that felt real and alive at the same time as they veered off into untold strangeness. That experience of reality can pull a participant via the most obtuse riddle or lever puzzle.

Obduction succeeds as a follow-up to Myst no longer because it invokes nostalgia for 1993, but because it builds realities like Myst did. A new world, one that feels true, one that breathes.