Mommy blogger who poisoned her 5-year-old son to death with salt says she’s being bullied by inmates who dump salt all over her prison meals

A mommy blogger who poisoned Extra Update  her 5-year-old son to demise says her first yr in prison has been ‘brutal’.

Lacey Spears, 28, was located responsible of second-diploma murder closing year, for killing her son Garnett by way of spiking his hospital feeding tube with poisonous quantities of salt.

It’s suspected that Spears suffers from Munchausen by proxy, a syndrome which could cause parents to intentionally make their kids sick to get interested. 

In a current jailhouse interview with creator John Glatt (who’s publishing a book at the case), Spears says she has ended up the target for bullying at Bedford Hill prison in Westchester County, Big apple.

‘It’s been brutal here. Crimes involving youngsters are taken into consideration the worst right here,’ she said, consistent with Radar Online. ‘I pay attention them speaking in the back of my returned, calling me “infant killer,” “toddler killer,”and “mom of the year”. But I comprehend it’s not who I am.’

‘It’s been very tough, adjusting to being here,’ Spears persevered. ‘You continually should appearance at the back of your again, and I don’t agree with absolutely everyone. I don’t have any friends, But I have humans to speak to.’


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All through the trial prosecutors stated that Spears’ son spent nearly his entire life inside and out of the health facility, undergoing useless surgeries insisted upon by using his mom before sooner or later death at her hands in January 2014.

Spears sought, even more, interest by writing about her son’s illnesses on a mommy weblog referred to as ‘Garnett’s Journey’.

In April 2015, she was sentenced to 20 years to lifestyles in jail for the crime.