Is tradition the reason why a lot of ladies are not married?

Bride PriceMaximum instances it breaks my coronary heart to discover that women who’re suitable for marriage aren’t married. First of all I concept it becomes due to the fact they had been ugly; however as time went on, I found it isn’t so in Maximum cases.
I used to be talking to a colleague the opposite day and what he instructed me baffled me. I used to think the entire marriage concept become smooth – fall in love, endorse, get married, have kids and many others.
Little did I know that it’s far greater than that. He changed into telling me about his pal who is about to get married and is deliberating if he has to preserve with it or not. The entirety had been going as planned for the wedding till ‘the list’ got here out.
The list aka bride rate in every Nigerian tradition contains a list of factors to be purchased by means of the groom’s family to the bride’s family.
Some are as a substitute longer than others. This one exceeded to this colleague’s buddy happens to be on the lengthy side. The bride charge is about one million naira.
Yes! One million. How do you assume this man to get that sum of money? Even if he’s properly to do, what approximately the ‘white wedding’? Gained’t money be spent?
After the marriage Gained’t he meet the desires of his new home? I’ve even found out that in Some locations, the rate is higher than that. I ponder if the human beings that write this list frequently positioned the groom or even the bride into attention at all.
The groom because of the war to satisfy up and the bride who might not get married if the groom doesn’t join up with the conventional popular


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I learnt that Some components of Nigeria handiest ask for a positive wide variety of baggage of salt and the marriage is ideal to move. Girls from that location are very fortunate due to the fact they might don’t have any issues getting married.

Some traditions don’t permit the primary daughter get married if her family is a family of Ladies simplest i.E. No male baby. It’s miles believed that it’s miles her obligation to bear the outcomes of her mother’s lack of ability to provide a male infant.
What’s up! Is she the only who gives children? Such a woman cannot get married because of way of life. She is permitted to sleep with whomever she desires to produce children and in very uncommon instances, if she will produce a male baby, she is permitted to marry at a very high charge.
If she isn’t always capable of produce a male child, she and her children will go away under her father’s roof making her youngsters fatherless. Endure it in mind that she and her children bear her father’s call.
Yet in Some different places, the groom is to be flogged and if he can’t withstand the ache, he believed to no longer be strong and so can’t marry the girl. Is it without a doubt important to undergo such pains and Yet be deprived of who you like?
Tradition has restricted a lot of humans from doing things, hindered girls from getting married. I wonder if it is obligatory to genuinely wed traditionally or simply do the white wedding ceremony.