Saudi Arabian ‘honesty’ app takes net by typhoon

Riyadh (AFP) – Fizzing with boyish exuberance, Saudi programmer Zainalabdin Tawfiq will be mistaken for a university freshman, however, the reputation of his “honesty” app has shone a spotlight on the conservative country’s nascent tech scene.

Tawfiq catapulted to repute while he took the day trip to his day job as an enterprise analyst ultimate yr to develop an anonymous messaging tool referred to as Sara has — honesty in Arabic — that ultimately topped the charts for app downloads.

Initially conceived as a tool for soliciting bluntly frank place of job comments, Sara has located its way into the smartphones of Millennials global, whilst critics have raised alarm approximately trolling and privateness problems.

“Suara hah is the digital equal of a vintage-school notion field,” 29-year-old Tawfiq informed AFP, adding that it’s far built on the idea that stripping customers of their identity promotes ruthless honesty.

“Feedback is the purpose — nameless comments.”

The app has a frugal design and an easy activate that encourages customers to “leave a positive message :)”, with the recipient now not allowed to reply however most effective share it on social media or block the sender.

Its mass appeal stems from the appetite inside the Arab international — notorious for online censorship — for unfiltered systems for expression, though Tawfiq stated it has also won a robust recognition in Western international locations.

Such has been its strength to knock down social limitations that obstruct free speech that one person defined it as an app in which you can “hit enter on comments you would have otherwise backspaced”.

Sara has so far drawn 85 million registered customers and rocketed to the top of the Apple app save in some nations, ahead of heavyweights together with Snapchat and Instagram.

– ‘Oil’s decline, entrepreneurship’s upward push’ –


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That a Saudi app may want to advantage such fulfillment spotlights hidden capability for tech innovation and entrepreneurship at a time of economic transformation in an extremely-conservative u. S . A ..

“The achievement tale of Sara has honestly proved that Saudi startups can achieve mind-blowing profits when well supported,” said Nawaf Alsahhaf, CEO of Badir, a government-subsidized generation incubator that helped Tawfiq.

“There clearly is the undeniable ability in the back of Saudi startups we presently incubate,” he instructed AFP.

Saudi Arabia is promoting non-public enterprise as a part of its formidable reform application to transport the dominion far away from its dependence on oil revenues.

“It is apparent oil’s decline and Entrepreneurship’s rise are always intertwined,” the Beirut-based mission capital company Leap Ventures wrote on its internet site remaining 12 months, noting a brand new increase in disruptive tech improvements within the place.

Saudi programmer Zainalabdin Tawfiq.importance of honesty at work.super typhoon in philippines today

A new breed of Saudi start-ups — from an on-demand roadside assistance app known as Morni to Hunger Station, a food ordering portal — has currently drawn the eye of task capitalists.


Demystifying the Saudi Arabian Visa Process


Are you thinking of journeying to Saudi Arabia within the destiny? But you aren’t sure what kind of visa you can require or higher yet on how to apply for a Saudi Visa. This article will have a look at the exclusive varieties of Saudi Visas and the intricacies related to making use of for everyone. Hopefully, upon the final touch of the object, the Saudi visa method might be demystified.

Saudi council of engineers.why is honesty important.typhoon in philippines right now

First and important a tourist visa does no longer exist for Saudi Arabia. Let me say this once more, there aren’t any traveler visas for any visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many people would like to visit the Kingdom as a visitor, but currently, this can’t show up.

The maximum common visa gleaned from Saudi Arabia is a business visa.

This entitles the character to tour to Saudi Arabia to seek advice from and behavior business on behalf of his/her corporation. Generally, the patron in Saudi Arabia, additionally called a host, will meet with the consumer to speak about joint commercial enterprise ventures. This is an enormously simple, clear-cut visa to use for. The host in Saudi Arabia will ask the purchaser for an experiment of his/her passport and will then proceed to apply for an invitation letter. This is accomplished with the aid of submitting the experiment to the nearby Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once the Ministry has approved the invitation, it will likely be reverted again to the host business enterprise. They will, in turn, stamp the invitation with their company seal. Once this kind of steps has been finished, the invitation letter could be made to be had to the consumer. The purchaser will then want to contact a registered agent to facilitate the stamping of the visa at the Embassy.

Instead of an enterprise visa, your host company in Saudi Arabia might also offer you a touring paintings visa. Quintessentially that is identified as an enterprise visa, but in place of simply meeting with your host contact in Saudi Arabia, you will carry out unique duties even as in the united states of America. You will still be paid with the aid of your direct organization and could not acquire any repayment without delay from the Saudi host.

A government visa may be issued to people who are meeting directly with Saudi Arabian authorities employees. This is free of charge visa and the invitation letter will list which you are authorized for a central authority visa. This visa is arranged the same manner as a commercial enterprise visa.

A circle of relatives goes to visa is a visa which

Lets in a character to journey to Saudi Arabia to peer as you may consider a family member! This may be a spouse, husband, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, or whoever is associated with you so long as they could show the relation. This may be installed via a marriage decree, beginning certificate, circle of relatives tree, or any other professional document. Once the familial chain has been installed a family goes to could be granted. The family member in Saudi Arabia will appear in character on the neighborhood Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will supply a duplicate of the visitor’s passport and observe for a familial invitation. The member of the family who carried out for the invitation letter will now come to be the sponsor for the intended visit. A familial invite can be furnished and this, in turn, could be sent to the visitor. They will need to reveal this at the Embassy with a purpose to follow for the visa. Generally, a circle of relatives visa may be an unmarried access visa, legitimate for 30 days. If you intend to stay longer than 30 days, it is imperative that you tell your host about the duration of life you require.

The Importance Of Honesty In Business


We all recognize the significance of honesty on every occasion one conducts business. We also recognize the outcomes when one chooses to be dishonest of their line of work. The consequences range from bad opinions to lawsuits to the viable closure of an enterprise. This article is not intended to talk about the poor effects involved with being cheating. Instead, this newsletter will talk approximately two high-quality effects involved in doing honest commercial enterprise.

#1: Even If You Don’t Get Your Prospective Customer, He or She Could Recommend Other Customers

One of the hardest parts approximately being sincere is the opportunity of dropping out on a patron you are attempting to get. It makes you question the motive and incentive to be sincere with future customers. Yet, one has to apprehend the power of word of mouth to apprehend the significance of honesty.

It is very true that when one is devious with a purchaser, that consumer will inform different clients about your dishonesty and that would actually damage your enterprise over time. Conversely, a prospective purchaser does now not have to shop for your product or service to be able to unfold the phrase approximately your enterprise. The enterprise runs thru you as you’re the enterprise. The client sees and evaluates everything whether or no longer they make a purchase. If they prefer you, they could propose others to try out your product or service.

#2: Doing Honest Business Is The Best Way To Get Honest Feedback

Criticism is always a tough thing to take. Whether it’s far answering a question truly or admitting that you don’t know the answer to a query, the quiet end result can be unwanted. Nonetheless, it’s miles higher to take the complaint as a risk to improve upon the enterprise and make it higher.

Hyper-Typhoons As A Force Multiplier


Not long in the past, I changed into looking a doom and gloom global warming alarmist docudrama on TV. The premise became that a one hundred fifty square miles region of very hot water, extremely hot, this is ocean floor temps, might be enough to motivate a Mega Hurricane or Typhoon. In fact, it’d be well on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. The commentary dialogue which accompanied called this a Hyper-Hurricane. Interestingly sufficient, I do consider this is viable, and I’m pretty certain that the supercomputer artificially intelligent climate prediction applications are accurate. Okay so allow’s speak we could?

If it is virtually viable then we ought to have a Hurricane of this type because of extraordinarily warm surface ocean temperatures, then it’s also authentic that with a few geoengineering tricks of science and physics that we ought to create one simply to show it. How might we cross about this you ask? Perhaps we would drop something into the water, or sprinkle or scatter flakes of floating reflective semi metal fabric onto the floor of the water, and then heat it with airborne lasers. We should then superheat the water as a tropical typhoon changed into forming.

Since for the most part, we recognize which way the exchange

wWnds would push a massive Hurricane or Typhoon and in view that we recognise that our super-computers may want to tune the whole thing primarily based on the parameters that we understand, we ought to mathematically calculate exactly in which the Super Typhoon might hit, based on where that storm changed into created, and how it becomes later steered the use of similar standards of that we used within the advent. Am I suggesting that we create a Super Typhoon to serve our political will in time of warfare? Yes, I am suggesting that we create such a Hyper-Typhoon as a pressure multiplier.

Being able to disrupt the enemy the use of forces of nature, helped along with particular hints of geoengineering and the usage of all the era we should muster, we’d come to be stronger and greater efficiency than any Greek God had ever been imagined. We should unleash havoc at the enemy, to the point that they would never ask us, threatened us, or screw with us ever once more. At that factor, you do not want nuclear weapons as they might be infant’s play.

Is it unfair for human minds to keep in mind such effective guns?

No, I do not believe so, nor do I accept as true with that the USA of America have to run from such strength, as an alternative we ought to retain it. We have to have the most powerful navy inside the solar machine. We must have sufficient electricity and energy to defend all we are and all we’ve got constructed.