How ‘We Wore What’ Blogger Danielle Bernstein Went From Sophomore

When Danielle Bernstein launched her blog We Wore What while a student at FIT in New York, she’d no idea her hobby could grow to be an excessive-paying profession. Now, with 1.7 million followers on Instagram and a developing way of life series that consists of overalls, footwear and exercise put on — and which counts Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, and Suki Waterhouse as movie star influence fans — the sky’s the restriction for the 25-12 months-antique blogger and clothier.

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Claire Coghlan: You had been 18 when you started your weblog in 2010. What inspired you to do that?

Danielle Bernstein: I become a sophomore in college. I’d simply transferred from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to FIT in New York and become blown away by way of the difference in how ladies dressed for college. I desired to provide my pals at Wisconsin that everyday supply of outfit suggestion, so I sold my first camera, taught myself a way to use it, and started out photographing avenue style around campus.

Coghlan: How speedy did you realize running a blog could end up a well-paying activity?

Bernstein: About a 12 months in, my blog developed into a non-public style web site and I started making a living. That’s after I realized it can come to be a business.

Coghlan: How did you make it a business?

Bernstein: Slowly however clearly brands started out achieving out to send me merchandise to publish and promote, that is when I found out this changed into something I should monetize. To formalize it and ensure I changed into managing matters nicely, I signed with a modeling company as ‘talent.’ My agent, Jennifer Powell, supported me in reworking We Wore What right into a valid enterprise.


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What Blogging Is All About


What is running a blog?

Blogging is a personal net log, in which someone could magazine about their day. The word “Blog” become derived from the words “net log” blended. Many marketers word a first-rate advertising and marketing capability in having a blog and blogging started at that factor of time. A weblog can not most effectively be used for advertising and marketing, but also, a domestic business or a private opinionated platform.

Aren’t Blogs the same as Websites?

The distinction among a blog and a website is that Blogs are up to date often at the same time as web sites are not. Even if it is only of blogs, an update is MUST on a day by day foundation for it to run easily. Blogs are also used for a more social approach to engage with other users and structure evaluations to improve business and marketing techniques.

Advantages of Blogging

• It’s definitely free of the price! There are many systems on the internet that offer a loose interface for users to create and post a blog put up.

• Blogging is a brilliant way to completely utilize your competencies to show off your thoughts and feature the ability to enhance your self thru opinions, or comments left in through visitors or subscribers. It’s like mastering new matters without any danger! (As long as moral and legal issues do no longer involve) Great right? You can enhance your wondering and writing talents via this and make sure you broaden in a danger unfastened platform.

• Some blogging websites may offer wages relying on the views and recognition in addition to the fine of your weblog content

Disadvantages of running a blog

There are not essential downsides to running a blog, but blogging takes a whole lot of willpower and time to take and keep the shape and go with the flow of a famous and pleasant assured weblog to draw the visitors and preserve it going. More updates method, extra ideas to replace approximately. You must have a regular concept and plan of what to put in writing about on your subsequent blog if you want to hold the go with the flow maintained. Blogs take time in turning into popular or widely known, in addition to the wages which might be probably paid can rely on the quality, the popularity and the effect over public social media through the years, which can get a piece irritating. So exceptionally, endurance and hard paintings are most important key elements which can be needed for someone to maintain an excellent blog and to preserve the viewers satisfied. It is one of the important things to recollect.

A third Time To Die through George A Bernstein – Book Review


What is it approximately you stranger?
This is a love tale with a mystery at the heart of it, a magical thriller. Why can Ashley Easton speak French so nicely? Why can the trip a horse so nicely, after handiest driving for only some weeks? Who is the mysterious young guy she meets within the dressage competition, and why is he so beautiful? A 3rd Time to Die with the aid of George A. Bernstein is a love story and a thriller rolled into one. It makes use of the concept of reincarnation as a thrilling plot tool.

Our first glimpse of Ashley Easton is a lady rescuing a horse:
“Hey end that!” Her shout raspy, she banged the gate with the side of the pitchfork. (Bernstein, p. 25)
The horse has always represented ardor and choice in literature, and A third Time to Die is not any exception. Ashley’s new horse brings her exhilaration and energy into her life and lets in a brand new dating to flourish. Ashley is revitalized and energized with the aid of rescuing the pony; it additionally brings into sharp comfort the way her existence has modified. Ashley is an engaging individual who knows her very own thoughts and who’s financially impartial. She feels an exceptional deal, but takes a long term to act on these emotions: this is Ashley Easton’s undertaking. The reader feels the occasional feel of frustration and is thrilled she finally receives herself going.

Ashley’s lover, Craig Thornton is adorable and is the whole lot that Ashley want and desires:

he’s the polar opposite of Ashley’s husband Keith, and is charming, exciting, fascinated by Ashley, stocks her interests, and is caring. Their dating changes over the years, and as they examine more about every different, their characters expand in sudden and engrossing methods. A private fault or, but, might have helped to make Craig greater actual.

Craig Thornton is also an exciting evaluation to Ashley because his marriage is breaking down, but it’s now not his fault: his wife is only who’s dishonest. Bernstein hence units up interesting parallels and contrasts inside the relationships. The two spouses, Keith and Toni, aren’t fine characters. Keith is a husband definitely misplaced from the relationship: he ignores the youngsters and takes a mistress. I would have desired a bit more shading to those spouses to add the greater real complexity of persona: Keith would not assist with the kids, doesn’t like some thing about his wife anymore, is nasty in his different relationships; however has no redeeming satisfactory. He is a bit too terrible to be human. He seems to have no saving grace: I realize Craig is cute but Keith has to have been OK at one point.

The novel examines relationships. The ladies and men in A third Time to Die aren’t just in search of everyone but someone special. In the opening 1895’s past-existence visionary flashback Charles sees in Victoria, a woman who’s “passionate, sensuous and willful” (Bernstein, p. 6). He loves her for these features, and Ashley and Craig are in addition looking for very special traits.

College Scholarships for College Sophomores


To all the university sophomores, three hundred and sixty-five days down and lamentably still three to fours years to go earlier than you have got completed your first Bachelor’s diploma. Congrats on getting via your first yr, however, have you ever stopped to assume how you’ll get via the subsequent 3 to 4 years? Wow, what’s a college scholar assume to do!

College Tuition Continues to Skyrocket

Tuition charges hold to skyrocket and this subsequent yr they may even grow by using double figures. What is a university student suppose to do? Will your scholarships, federal offers, and monetary aid cowl the cost? The average university student is graduating university with as a minimum $20,000 to $forty,000 greenbacks in loans and some with $60,000 to $one hundred,000.

The ultimate depressing reality is 1/2 of college students are thinking about moving returned in with their mother and father due to the fact they cannot find a job after graduation. If you’re a university freshman or junior, college scholarships for university sophomores will still gain you. College sophomore college students are at an advantage because they have got finished their first yr of college, approximately to claim their fundamental and have time to apply for internships and assistant deliver.

Won’t federal financial resource be enough to pay for college? Not anymore.

The federal authorities are cutting its price range in schooling main to a smaller finances for schools and universities and much less economic resource for college kids. We all prepared to see it happening all around us with tuition prices increasing to college students in college relying on loans to get them via every 12 months.
How are you presupposed to pay for the university with as little of loans as viable?

Scholarships, internships, and assistantships have accelerated over 200% during the last five years and university college students need to take advantage. Companies and companies are offering to cover training, hand out scholarships and even supply a task after graduation if the scholar gets an internship or assistantship. That’s the entirety a university scholar needs to want, proper?

So many college students need a college enjoy but the TRUE motive of college is to get a training for a profession subject.

College Sophomores Steps for Success

If you’re a university sophomores or newcomers right here are 3 stuff you want to do before subsequent 12 months:

First, recognition of your classes to learn the basic competencies you will want in your career area and explore via a variety of college instructions to find out what profession subject certainly hobby you. The first two years of college is to show your self thru grades, discover one of a kind profession fields and find out the career direction that maximum interest you to pursue. Stop partying a lot and take step one advancing your lifestyles in the direction of the career subject of your goals.

Second, after submitting your FAFSA for federal financial resource placed your attention in observing for university scholarships and scholarship applications. Many scholarships are provided through the colleges, network, and agencies that percentage your profession area of interest. While locating a summer process is essential, scholarships will pay a lot more than working long hours for the minimum salary. Start your scholarship search these days to keep away from loans at all price.