The Omen X is HP’s insane new gaming PC

The HP Omen X

I’m a gamer. I like gaming PCs and over-the-top cases that appearance greater like works of artwork than the usual black rectangles most Computer makers promote. But HP, oh boy, HP has long past completely mad.

The organization, which released its Omen sub-logo of gaming PCs again in May additionally, has rolled out its most up-to-date computer gaming Pc offering. It’s surely ridiculous inside the nice type of manner.


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The Omen X is a pc like a Ferrari is a car. Permit’s start with its case, which seems like something instantly out of “Hellraiser.” A 60-pound behemoth, the Omen X houses its components in a cube that balances on its unmarried aspect way to big helps Media Focus.

HP says it designed the laptop’s case in this type of manner to assist sell airflow — there are three exclusive air champers to maintain the system cool — and make it less difficult for enthusiasts to paintings on.

Airflow is vital for computer systems due to the fact the hotter a gadget gets, the extra it’ll routinely decrease its electricity output to hold from having a whole meltdown. And inside the case of the Omen X, that’s an awesome opportunity. That’s because the Computer may be filled with as lots horsepower as you can have the funds for.

A photo of the Omen X Desktop

A starter configuration of the Omen X will price you a whopping $1,800 and includes an Intel Core-i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 2TB hard power supplemented by using a 256GB stable-state power and an AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card. That’s one hell of a system. The element even comes with a ridiculous quantity of USB ports: 10! Do you need 10 USB ports? Probable know not, However who cares?

Want to move even higher? HP will outfit the Omen X with twin Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 pictures chips (which price approximately $700 each) and a very needless 32GB of RAM. And if you Need to keep the machine running as cool as possible, it comes with a liquid cooling setup that makes use of radiators to make sure your processor is first-rate and cold. Oh, and its front panel is ringed in LEDs that you could program to any coloration.

So yeah, the Omen is overdone to the extreme. But there’s a cause HP is diving headfirst into this hardcore gaming market. While Pc sales have fallen during the last few quarters, excessive-quit and gaming Pcs have held up fantastically properly, explained Lewis Ward, IDC’s studies director of gaming.

An inside shot of the Omen X

On pinnacle of that, Ward says the quantity of game enthusiasts who play Computer games as a minimum once a month will upward push from 550 million in 2011 to seven-hundred million this year. That sort of boom is being pushed by the ever-increasing reputation of e-sports activities video games such as “League of Legends” and “Counter Strike: Worldwide Offensive,” amongst others.

If companies like HP weren’t aggressively targeting gamers, who also take place to improve their computers extra frequently than non-game enthusiasts, they’d be lacking out on an important opportunity.