Inside Property Brothers Star Drew Scott’s Charity Trip to Africa

One-half of HGTV’s Property Brothers and contestant on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars currently traveled to Kenya for an experience of a lifetime. Scott and fiancée Linda Phan partnered with WE Charity, an enterprise that promotes empowering domestic and worldwide exchange, for the unforgettable journey—and E! News has unique get entry to the house development guru’s tour diary.

From assembly with faculty youngsters to witness firsthand all of the network has to offer from neighborhood artisans, Drew, in reality, earned his movie star do-gooder badge!

I may be smiling, but this water walk is without a doubt grueling.

To suppose that mamas and youngsters try this numerous times an afternoon is a sort of unattainable. We have a lot recognize for the mamas. And to WE for building infrastructures that assist carry smooth water TO the groups.

We spent the day with ME to WE Artisans, as they taught us their beading competencies that permit them to make a residing. More than that, they hook up with other Mamas, building a robust community. At every stage, the local community has shown us the meaning of sharing and uplifting one another.

Tax Time: Tax Reporting Requirements for Property Managers


The starting of every calendar 12 months is a totally busy time for many groups, and Property Managers are not neglected of that category! Whether you are a massive Property Management Company or an individual Property Manager, this is the time when all tax paperwork must be issued for funds paid out to Rental Property Owners or Vendors all through the preceding calendar year. The form that is used to finish this undertaking is the 1099-MISC, and this form should be submitted to the recipient and the IRS with the aid of a detailed date every year. When 1099s are submitted to the IRS, they ought to be accompanied with the aid of a summary shape, Form 1096, to satisfy the tax submitting requirements.

– Why is the 1099-MISC essential?

The IRS uses 1099s to monitor any earnings supply that isn’t always filed on a traditional W-2 form, which simplest shows income obtained as a salary or wage. This is a manner wherein the IRS captures any income received by using an independent contractor or condo property proprietor which could in any other case move unreported. A Property Manager or Property Management Company is performing as a dependable supply for the IRS to assist put into effect that every one earnings is being stated.


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– Who have to acquire a 1099-MISC?

• Rental Property Owners – all rental property owners that have received $600 or greater in hire disbursements in a given calendar yr need to be issued a 1099-MISC.

• Vendors – all unbiased contractors or providers who’re unincorporated and have acquired $600 or extra in a given calendar year for services provided need to be issued a 1099-MISC.

– When does a 1099-MISC NOT want to be filed?
Every situation has exceptions, and tax filing and reporting are no exceptions. Here are a number of the one’s exceptions:
• If the overall payments to a rental assets proprietor or vendor are less than $600, a 1099-MISC does not need to be filed.
• If an apartment property proprietor is an enterprise, a 1099-MISC does now not need to be filed.
• If a dealer is an included commercial enterprise, a 1099-MISC does not want to be filed.

Useful Information About Charity


Charity may be described as the act of giving voluntary assist, economic or otherwise, to the ones in need. A charity may be an group, organization, a single person or a set of people. Charity is an act of kindness and benevolence. A charitable act demonstrates love for fellow human beings. The establishments or businesses doing charity paintings are usually non-earnings agencies that solicit and receive donations or presents from people and corporate donors. A registered charity is a charity that is authorized by the government to do charity work. Donors acquire generous tax rebates in recognition in their service to humanity.

Charities offer help to human beings in need in exclusive approaches. Some of them offer remedy for elderly and negative people. There are charity houses that take care of unwell and wounded army personnel. Some establishments provide loose education for children even as others provide meals, refuge and clothing to bad youngsters and orphans. Charities actively take part in the repair of bridges, ports, havens, causeways, church buildings and different such construction activities. They can also assist in the rehabilitation of ex-prisoners and substance abusers.

From a legal element, charity is divided into 4 fundamental divisions.

Charities assist to enhance the situations the poor live in. They intend to provide nice training for needy youngsters whose families can not have the funds for to on their own. They additionally provide medical and intervening time alleviation in catastrophe inclined areas and actively participate in projects that advantage a network.

There are some well-known charities that work to provide worldwide charitable aid. The Red Cross is one among the biggest charity businesses in the international and has gathered and allotted resource in almost each u. S . A . Within the global. Charities, massive and small, help to construct delight, wish, consider and self-sufficiency in absolutely every country.

Why the Africans Live in Huts


Whenever one sees a picture of a hut, one thinks of Africa. Indeed, huts have been the defining architectural hallmark of Africa, and for the duration of the continent, they have been the preferred building fashion.

Huts are a form of a residing area. Huts are generally round, with a peaked roof. They are usually fabricated from dust or clay, with a timber structure to help the building, and a single timber pole in the center, which helps the grass-thatched roof.

Many critics of Africa claim that Africa can boast no incredible cultures south of Egypt.

By that, they frequently mean that there’s no architectural proof of greatness south of the Pyramids. Indeed, structure or architectural stays are the general calling card of the so-called ‘extremely good cultures’.

While a maximum of Africa can boast no such fossil proof, there may be a purpose to agree with that the architectural alternatives made with the aid of the Africans to date are neither as unintended nor as simplistic as they may appear.

For one, most of Africa is heat to warm during the year, with out an extended wintry weather period. The maximum uncomfortable climatic duration is the lengthy rains, throughout which it rains a lot, by and large, every day. However, in maximum of Africa, it showers, in place of rains. That means a quick and voluminous length of precipitation, unlike rain in Europe as an example, which may be a slight but continuous precipitation. In addition, maximum of Africa, which lies at the equator, reviews nearly same twelve-hour periods every for night and day. This is in evaluation to for example Europe, in which in winter, darkness can be up eighteen hours lengthy.

As such, most of life in Africa is lived out of doors. A safe haven is needed best for the night time, in opposition to the cold and as shelter from wild animals. There has in no way been a need to invest as heavily in the shelter as has been performed in Europe for instance. Strictly speak me, there has been not often a state of affairs in Africa wherein lack of shelter could be existence-threatening. In many African cultures, nomads, hunters, warriors, and messengers were often far from domestic for long periods without having shelter.

Huts are frequently small and made of the simply available dust or river clay,

Plastered over a skeleton of branches. They had been absolutely less expensive in both materials and labor. In many cultures, the ladies did the plastering, whilst the guys did the thatching of the roof. Among the Maasai of East Africa, the female builds the complete structure, which is known as a manyatta.

Because of this comfortable philosophy to shelter, the Africans have been now not enslaved via the acquisition of refuge as is frequently the case within the contemporary international. In contemporary globalized world, shopping for one’s home is a lifetime liability that forces one to live chained to a mortgage, below the Damocles sword of a foreclosure. The exploitation of this worry in the U.S.A. Contributed to the modern worldwide economic disaster.