Quick Question: How Does One Prepare For The Hide-And-Seek World Championship?

Someplace deep in the Italian geographical region, a group of adults lies in wait, preparing for the Cover-And-Seek International Championship.

In step with Quartz, the occasion, which I thought turned into now not real, is taking vicinity this year inside the lovely and abandoned metropolis of Consonno in Northern Italy, nestled in the foothills of the Alps. The town changed into constructed in 1968 by using one Rely Mario Bagno, who supposed to expand it and make it the Las Vegas of Italy. Unfortunately, those plans never got here to fruition and the city has been deserted ever seeing that. And now, over the path of two days, sixty-four groups of five individuals will descend upon its fields and play competitive Cover and Are searching for, like some thing out of a horror movie.

Here are the policies.

The teams are divided into four groups, and one character per institution hides while a “neutral looking team” counts 60 seconds. Participants then have 10 mins to leap out in their hiding spot and hit a target in the center of the gambling discipline, without being determined or stuck via the looking group. The opposition maintains for 2 full days, till a winner is said.

I’ve read that description three instances in the path of writing this and am nevertheless struggling to conceptualize this as something aside from this scene from The Hunger Video games that made me choke on my Cherry Coke.

This seems like a much extra energetic game of Hiding and Seek than anyone is used to and requires real Gs to transport in silence, like lasagna. Ten mins to pop up out of the hiding spot that you located, hit a few bullshit target and then scamper back to duck blind you made from dried grass and Realtree camo doesn’t seem like enough time.

Upon further examination of the pix on their Fb web page, I realise that my expectations for what constitutes the proper hiding spot are manner too high.


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My dude, respectfully, what are you doing? Hiding at the back of a damaged coat leftover from the Brilliant Battle doesn’t appear like “hiding” to me. If the rules are that you need to hit the target and go back for your spot without getting caught, are we working under the presumption that the human beings doing the searching for are going to ignore the truth that they are able to absolutely see you hiding at the back of that tree?


The championships have been taking place every year on account that 2010 and have been popular enough to merit attention for the 2020 summer time Olympics in Tokyo, so I bet they’re in reality directly to something. The championships take vicinity September 3-4, so you have one complete calendar yr to prepare.