Renault launches new cellular app to enhance customer engagement

The Indian arm of French automobile maker Renault has released a new cell software for its customers owning any Renault motors. In its consumer-centric method, this new app called MY Renault App that gives extra than 60 features to its customers. These consist of access to provider history of vehicles, customized reminders & notifications, online provider appointments, the interactive consumer guide for motors, smooth get right of entry to dealerships & purchaser care, digital vaults for file storage and handy e-price facility. Smartphone users on each on both Android and iOS platforms may be able to down load MY Renault App from their respective play shops. As per the enterprise, the mobile app has an industry-first characteristic within the App in the form of e-trade facility, for you to allow Renault customers to explore personalization alternatives for his or her vehicles and avail specific gives especially designed for their motors. My Renault app has been conceptualized, designed and developed in India, to first-class serve the Indian customers’ necessities.
Speaking about its new cell app, Sumit Sawhney, Country CEO & Managing Director, Renault India Operations, stated, “Customers are at the center of our enterprise approach, and at Renault, each choice is made preserving the evolving patron traits in thoughts. This consists of our product approach, fast community expansion and innovative and litter-breaking initiatives, which might be all aimed at ensuring consumer pride. In line with the increasing recognition of virtual platforms among Indian consumers, we are extremely joyful to release the ‘MY Renault App’, providing an unbroken and convenient ownership revel into our customers. The App will supplement existing product unique Apps and will be offered without charge to all current Renault customers.” Renault’s sister organization Nissan additionally released a comparable mobile app ultimate month.

Infopreneur: Pros and Cons of Product LaunchesInfopreneur:


Pros and Cons of Product Launches
Product launches are a very famous approach among the satisfactory infopreneurs. They are a trackable, conversion based totally device designed to create greater predictable streams of earnings on your facts advertising commercial enterprise. Given the blessings, it is no surprise that they have been adopted so closely by our network. Still, let’s test the pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself if this is a manner you need to add into your advertising and marketing mix.


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Here is a brief list of a number of the pros:
They create a surge of coins in your business. The purpose is for you is to look a rush of orders come from the moment your product is available for sale. The simplest manner to do this is to stir up proper consumer engagement all through the promotional length. A good product release will do this every time.They create customers out of prospects. There’s a big distinction among having a listing of potentialities and a list of clients. Prospects “browse” at the same time as clients “purchase”. They are the pleasant manner to transform a listing of involved possibilities into buying clients.They are effortlessly trackable. A well-conducted launch will allow you to measure response at every stage of the merchandising. Because you may tune your results, it is simple to enhance your outcomes the next time you execute.Here is a brief listing of some of the cons:
They require planning. Product launches require you to script out more than one marketing messages before your product is available on the market. If you’re an impatient entrepreneur, this isn’t always a method for you.They require a listing. While there are some methods to overcome this, it’s miles tons less complicated to execute if you already have a listing of possibilities/customers. A present listing offers your release a valuable starting place.They require a team. There is a lot of coordinating to be achieved behind the scenes. For instance, the e-mail reproduction, website float, and release timing all ought to be controlled at some point of the promotional duration. Getting misplaced in the ones information will appreciably affect the effectiveness of your release. Make certain you get help early and often.

Customer Acquisition in the Era of Discounting


Discounting, in conventional corporations is a medium for dealers or retailers to clean their inventory and fill up it with new inventory. However, inside the technology of online marketplaces, it has emerged as a method to attract buyers as a swarm of bees.
Furthermore, discounting served both as a boon and a bane for eCommerce groups, as it helped acquire clients very quickly and in large numbers. This additionally caused a brand new consumer dependency, on account of which users were given hooked to discounting and cart sizes might handiest be excessive when there an on going cut price or a suggestion.
In a final couple of months, we’ve got visible the downfall of numerous begin-which changed into an outcome of unrealistic discounts. As getting services and products at unrealistic discounted expenses emerged because the only motivation for a person to attempt out a brand new product. Such customers should in no way be recognized as repeat customers, as they moved to other structures while discounting become withdrawn.

best definition of customer service.employee engagement quotes

Perhaps, e-commerce giants are taking steps inside the course of client retention, which immediately has an effect on the Lifetime fee of a customer, also a marginal rise within the common order size.
For instance, Go-Jek, an Indonesian begin-up controlled to gamify their app which a user can earn they pay for any of the providers, use Go-Pay (domestic brewed Waller through Go-Jek). A user can alternate the factors for the meal or gift vouchers to MacBooks or iPhones, to elevate objectives and power retention on their app.
Hence, discounting as a device to acquire new customers is powerful, but, it ought to be strategized in such a manner that it improves the lifetime value of the consumer and makes them come back as a result of the whole experience of the use of your product.
Post acquisition, one need to have extra awareness on riding consumer satisfaction, improving the first-class of service and keeping an unceasing deliver at all times. Laser sharp recognition on consumer retention with progressive methods to increase the lifetime fee, with a purpose to de-addict users hooked to discounts, is the following bounce within the destiny of online organizations. Giving discounts on subsequent purchase is also a great motivational issue to push repeat price.

What is Assertive Engagement


Assertive Engagement is a term utilized in a ramification of fields to suggest a persistent and lively method to an interplay. It has an apparent use of military terminology (even though it would be difficult to imagine an army ‘engagement’ which wasn’t assertive!) however it’s miles a time period most keenly hired in a selected technique to psychiatric care. However, even in this discipline, assertive engagement is a concept requiring definition. It is a term born out of the circulate closer to network remedy within psychiatric offerings in America with the improvement of ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) inside the 1970s. It finds its expression within the UK via the development of Assertive Outreach Teams within psychiatric offerings. These are groups following strict and pragmatic fashions of intervention which challenge themselves with the mechanisms that need to be hired for powerful treatment of patients inside their personal houses and without the assurances that sanatorium remedy engenders in the nurse. The literature on those models info at some length the significance of the situations underneath which the groups must perform – the groups ought to be multi-disciplinary, ought to have a high worker to patient ratio, and preserve domestic visits as the crucial device for healing paintings.
Within this, assertive engagement as an idea is regularly used but not often, if ever, described. Assertive engagement is visible as a by-product of the employment of these mechanisms – I.E. When you have a multi-disciplinary crew, a small caseload and also you go to someone in their home you’re inevitably assertively attractive. There is some truth to this, the shift from running in the health center to operating inside the network is a shift toward assertive engagement, but for the purposes of inculcating AE into a healing framework we will all hire its miles worthwhile growing an information of the concept in its own right and impartial of pragmatic mechanisms.
Here we’ll are seeking for to define the concept thru a chain of underlying ideas laid out in steps. This we can name the Presuppositions of Assertive Engagement.
The presuppositions of Assertive Engagement
1. That there are people who need to or need to, impact a few trade of their lives because they recognize, or it’s miles identified, that factors in their present lifestyle are negative in some ability.