Sports government Zach Leonsis and Melissa Cook wed in his mother

Knot, tied in fashion: Zach Leonsis, the son of sports-group owner Ted Leonsis and wife Lynn, married Melissa Cook on Saturday in a rite in his mother and father’ Potomac, Md., back backyard.

Though manifestly, since we’re speaking about Washington sports activities royalty, this changed into no burgers-and-dogs affair. There have been VIP guests aplenty, such as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, movie star chef José Andrés, BET co-founder and Washington Mystics President Sheila Johnson, philanthropist Jeong Kim, Washington Capitals President Dick Patrick, Monumental Sports Vice Chairman Raul Fernandez, businessman Tom Kartsotis, AOL co-founder Steve Case, Capitals Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, and Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.).

After the “I dos,” it becomes directly to dinner and dancing in fashionable tents, and the newlyweds departed the shindig in an antique Rolls-Royce.

The more youthful Leonsis, 28, is a VP in the family commercial enterprise (Dad’s Monumental Sports owns the Mystics, the Capitals, and the Wizards), and Cook, 26, works at schooling era company EverFi. They met as undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania.

Challenges of Local Government Institutions in Bangladesh


1. Ideas and practices of nearby government:

Most people don’t forget public representatives as local guardians who work with them, and with whom they can percentage all varieties of personal, social, spiritual and political thoughts and ideas. With the increase in electricity and quantity of activities of the government, the duty and duty of the neighborhood government has additionally been expanded by way of several times. Around the arena most demanding situations people face are local. So, the quality manner to clear up them is through nearby tasks and local leadership by using awakening and mobilizing people. Authorities closest to the citizen or alternatively citizens themselves via getting immediately worried can greatly make a contribution in fixing public issues. This is how the neighborhood government takes its form. Local government brings choice-making closer to the human beings. A sturdy local government system can make sure accurate governance through transparency, duty, effective participation and equal opportunities for all. Most importantly, this gadget can make sure development on the grassroots level. Strong nearby government establishments give a boost to democracy, make sure desirable governance, and on the same time quicken the tempo of political and socioeconomic development of the country.

1.1. A new view of local authorities:

Local authorities are based totally on network governance and focused on citizen-focused nearby governance. It is the number one agent for the residents and chief and gatekeeper for a shared rule is responsive and responsible to nearby voters. It is the customer of neighborhood services, and facilitator of network mechanisms of neighborhood governance, coordinator of government vendors and entities beyond government, the mediator of conflicts, and developer of social capital. It is externally targeted and competitive; ardent practitioner of opportunity service transport framework; open, quick, and bendy, innovative. It is risk taker within limits, self-reliant in taxing, spending, regulatory, and administrative selections. It has managerial flexibility and duty for results. It is participatory; and works to reinforce citizen voice and exit options via direct democracy provisions, residents’ charters, and overall performance budgeting. It is focused on incomes consider, developing space for civic communicate, serving the citizens, and enhancing social outcomes. It is fiscally prudent; works better and charges much less, inclusive and participatory. It overcomes market and government screw ups. Local authorities are hooked up in a globalized and localized world


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1.2. Citizen-centered local governance:

Reforming the establishments of neighborhood governance calls for agreement on simple principles. Three basic ideas are advanced to provoke this kind of discussion:

* Responsive governance: This precept ambitions for governments to do the right matters-that is, to supply services consistent with citizen preferences.
* Responsible governance: The government should additionally do it right-this is, manage its monetary sources prudently. It has to earn the belief of residents with the aid of operating higher and costing much less and with the aid of managing monetary and social risks for the community. It ought to try to improve the exceptional and amount of and get right of entry to public services. To do so, it needs to benchmark its performance with the satisfactory-performing local authorities.
* Accountable governance: A local authorities have to be accountable to its citizens. It needs to adhere to suitable safeguards to make sure that it serves the public interest with integrity. Legal and institutional reforms may be needed to permit local governments to address responsibility between elections-reforms together with a citizen’s constitution and a provision for recall of public officers.

The distinguishing features of citizen-focused governance are the following:

* Citizen empowerment through a rights-based totally method (direct democracy provisions, residents’ charter);
* Bottom-up accountability for outcomes;
* Evaluation of government overall performance as the facilitator of a community of carriers by residents as governors, taxpayers, and clients of public offerings.

Kids and Teens – Learning to Cook


Kids want to learn how to prepare dinner. Cooking is an ability that has to be a part of each infant’s getting to know. Cooking with kids can get messy, and often time to ingest, however, it’s miles for an excellent cause. Cooking with youngsters can assist them to analyze many new abilities, along with:

Making ready tasty meals they enjoy making and ingesting

following guidelines as they cook with you
mastering to apply kitchen gear effectively
practicing safety and proper meals coping with techniques
gaining knowledge of how to shop for meals
practicing exact desk manners

There are many motives why a few kids don’t analyze vital cooking capabilities. Sometimes mother and father don’t like to cook and their kids can experience it. Then they’ll sense that cooking isn’t a large deal, however, it is! Many colleges have left foods and nutrients instructions out of the curriculum. So what’s a determination to do to inspire their toddler to cook and study more approximately meals and the element it plays in a single’s lifestyles? They should assist their child with the aid of:

watching TV cooking shows
finding records in books or other resources
encouraging him/her to “help” in the kitchen

Kids get kitchen-savvy via unique meals reports. As with many other abilities,
practice improves their work.

Why do youngsters want to cook dinner and work in the kitchen?

It’s a laugh! Mixing, sifting, and stirring appeals to most youngsters. The amusing element continues through the eating procedure. The smooth-up? Perhaps no longer a lot, but that is also a crucial task.

To be creative! Working with food is a danger to reveal off their creative facet. This may be within the manner they combine meals or start to discover rhythm in following a recipe and working with others.

To galvanize their buddies! Showing off kitchen abilities whilst cooking for or with friends is very self-enjoyable.

Knowing how to prepare dinner and being relaxed in running within the kitchen is an important skill. Even young children can discover ways to wash lettuce, stir the batter, set the table. They can start to construct their own cookbook of favorite recipes and can examine extra approximately their own tastes and capabilities.

Action plan for today: Talk approximately favorite ingredients the kid likes. (Emphasize fruits and greens). See how many they are able to name beginning with A, B, C, and so on. Have him/her draw pictures in their favorite meals.

Involving kids in food preparation activities, not simplest facilitates children discover ways to prepare dinner but affords them with many different studying experiences.

Mother – Pulse of Life


Mom… When I determined to put in writing approximately you my pen is stopped at the pulse, and my fingers are frozen, now not for nothing but because my thoughts and my heart have not been able to explicit even a word approximately your soul natural. I begged for my reminiscence a lot to help and offer me with phrases which specific what lies in me, however, they have been powerless compared with the greatness of your soul. O compassionate; My heart is filled with heaps of affection and gratitude, and of your status as bells of your conditions and education are nevertheless ringing in my ears. You know me and I thanked you via crying, you taught me a way to go my first step and I thanked you by escaping, you gave me scrumptious meals and I thanked you for the aid of throwing you with dishes, you supply me a pen and I drew on the walls. All these conditions have been within the remaining intervals of early life, and what stays is your compassion, you’re the handiest person who bore my pain.

Mother’s Day is supposed for honoring your immaculate inquiry

Reminding of what you created, but this present day is plenty much less than what you gave us; what you gave humanity; what you gave life. Specifying in the future to honor your achievements, to mention what the affliction you suffered to develop up generations who are constructing countries, isn’t enough for your natural position. You are the peace of the universe, Mom.

Whenever we attempted to say the achievements of this terrific human, we can not provide her what she really merits, even we cannot supply her simple elements of her proper, you are the great person who rocked the cradle together with your right and are able to shake the arena along with your left. She studied with us, lost sight of the difficulties of existence with us and graduated from schools and universities with us. She is glad for our successes and he or she blesses our days, thanks to all of this.

On the alternative hand, How we have furnished for Motherhood

What we’ve carried out for her when you consider that adolescence and what we did after her old age, we were given married and neglect her because of our paintings. We couldn’t coordinate our days together with her, despite the fact that we know that she has dedicated all her life to us. We should renowned that each one what we’ve got and all that we reap is thanks to her, even the blood this is flowing in our veins is from her spirit. We must return to our senses, cherish the position of our moms, recognize them, have pity on them as they do with us and smile to them as they instilled love in our souls. In the quiet the mom is priceless and we ought to pray for God to guard her.