‘The World in Faces’: Portraits of human beings across the world

CNN) — “People living on the other side of the world are just the same humans as people living next door,” says photographer Alexander Khimushin.
The Russian-born traveler has been on the road for the last nine years, visiting the far corners of the world on a quest to photograph the people he meets along the way.
Khimushin’s “The World in Faces” project, which he shares on his website and social media, celebrates the beauty, diversity and common humanity of people across the globe.
“From the very beginning it was a desire not so much to see all the natural and man-made wonders of the world, but to learn about this world from within, plunging into the surrounding reality, as if trying on the lives of people in other countries,” Khimushin told CNN Travel.

he photographer was born and raised in Yakutia,

In Russia’s far east, one of the world’s most remote locations and one of the coldest places on Earth. Later he moved to Australia, but a thirst for adventure and the desire to journey to other secluded spots never left him.
One day, he packed up his belongings to become a full-time explorer — and he’s been traveling the world ever since.
The inspiration for “The World in Faces” came several years into his travels.

From the first day of travel, my constant companion was a camera,” remembers Khimushin. “Later, digging through my photo archives, I decided to put together a series of photo portraits. When the work was completed, about 200 [photographs] of people from different parts of the world appeared before me.”
Khimushin was struck by the effect of the portraits. The inspiration for his project began to form.
“Glancing at their faces, bright unforgettable moments of our meetings began to emerge,” he said.
“That inner transformation that took place in me, through meetings with these people, evolved into a desire to continue to take photos of people around the world, to acquaint people with the beauty and diversity of people in the remotest corners of our planet.”


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Khimushin’s striking, engaging portraits not only document traditional dress

Customs and culture but capture the unique personality of the subject.
Sometimes the person will be on the brink of laughter — other times they appear more solemn, captivating the viewer with their eyes.
Their full backstory remains unknown, but the photographs are steeped in character.
Khimushin says he prefers photographing people in remote locations.
“Local people are always genuinely welcoming in these places,” he says.
“Still untouched by globalization, they’re happy to meet a stranger, invite me into their house…[they are] interested in who I am and where I came from. When I explain the meaning behind my visit, many are willing to help, invite friends and relatives to take a photo.”
The photographer also strives to showcase cultures and ways of life that might be unfamiliar to his audience.
“Indigenous peoples are proud of their culture, which is often not well known or neglected,” he says. “In many cases these indigenous minority groups are, unfortunately, for a number of reasons, on the verge of extinction.”

How Often is the World Cup of Soccer Held?


The World Cup is soccer’s biggest stage – it’s miles the championship of the maximum extensively played game within the all of the world. The communicate, preparation and qualifying for every incarnation of the World Cup match seems to be going on all the time – but the very last of football’s largest match simplest take region throughout a one month duration every 4 years.

Many fans, clubs and corporations argue that the World Cup tournament itself

As well as the game of football could advantage greatly from increasing the frequency of football’s world championship tournament. Some present very valid factors and cite that different most important wearing events that preserve tournaments on an international stage are able to organizing those tournaments as soon as every 12 months.

There is no doubt that the World Cup’s charm would not be hurt through conserving the event every 3 or even each years. It would probable boom football’s international reputation and would really do properly to increase the tournaments sales capability – keeping the match each years would, in effect, double the amount of sales created via the biggest global sports match. Reducing the quantity of years among World Cup tournaments might maximum probable also permit the qualifying crew’s players to be more recognizable to enthusiasts – the gamers might be in front of the fanatics and on a large level probably two times as frequently for the duration of their careers. This should doubtlessly make fans feel more connected and connected to the players at the World Cup teams and probable even purpose an growth in the amount of folks who tune in to watch the World Cup finals.

Why Every Four Years?

World Cup purists argue that every 4 years is good for the match and it’s far tremendously not likely that any alternate in World Cup frequency will clearly arise – as a minimum inside the close to destiny. It does take pretty a bit of guidance to get equipped for a month lengthy match which attracts in groups from more than thirty countries and lovers from possibly greater countries than that.

The host u . S . A . Is voted on and selected lengthy earlier than the tournament will definitely be held and the lengths to which the organizers visit make sure that the whole lot isn’t simply organized, however perfect for each World Cup tournament are certainly exhaustive. Other principal sports activities tournaments can also host players and fanatics from all over the global but few, if any can healthy the sheer significance of the World Cup match.

Pyrography: Woodburned Portraits, How To Burn Necks And Chins


In running with pictures, necks are a notorious project to most artists. There is a bent to simplify the division between the head and neck with a simple line. And this line, if now not placed EXACTLY proper, and if now not the EXACT form, can make your complete photograph look awkward and unrealistic.

Why are we tempted to try this?

Because our brains tell us to!

When you have been a child and have been drawing humans, you separated the pinnacle (which become an oval) from the neck (which was parallel lines) and this represented the top and neck. Good sufficient for a child. Much better than scribbles. Good symbolic illustration of a head and neck, in reality it’s miles a quite ordinary illustration.

But when you make the pass to realism you must allow go of symbolism. You need to begin now not most effective seeing, but understanding the structure of your problem count number. This isn’t always as difficult as it is able to appear. In fact it’s far fun and thrilling. It will open up your eyes to the magic this is round you.

I wager that is why I love artwork so very an awful lot.

It invitations me to discover and rewards me for my curiosity. So in this article I will percentage with you a few interesting ways to have a look at chins and necks. And regardless of the fact that we’re discussing chins and necks, it’s far my wish that this can assist you emerge as privy to other locations those identical conditions occur so you give a boost to no longer most effective your burnings however your powers of statement.

Shapes and Values

Necks are regions of transition from one aircraft to another. But not like a container, there are not any sharp corners. Instead we are coping with convex and concave surfaces that undulate occasionally lightly and sometimes harshly, casting shadows that constitute their shape.

In order to break down this huge amount of visible data we need a manner to separate and categorize what we see. The best way to do that is to split your values (I use five or 7, going from black to unburned timber as my white).

When you look at your reference how are you going to separate this chin and neck place into values and shapes in the course of the transition?

It allows to make a photocopy of your reference.

A photocopy machine will shorten the variety of values you spot on a picture. Going from shade to black and white shortens it even more.

In workshops I give an explanation for to my students a method that I call “generational simplification”. This means that every time I make a photocopy (one generation) from a replica (every other generation) I reduce down on the quantity of element this is left behind. Each copy of a duplicate simplifies the photograph. After some copies I can begin to sincerely see the Shapes of each Value. I will lose a few element however I also simplify the statistics sufficient that I can begin to absolutely see and outline what is there.

Mechanism of Breathing in Human Beings


Breathing is a mechanical method inclusive of levels:

Inspiration or inhalation or consumption of fresh air in to the lungs.
Expiration or exhalation or out push of foul and fed on air out of the lungs.
Breathing is related to the life of existence itself. The lungs themselves can neither attract air nor push it out. Therefore, guy breath via suction pump mechanism. The chest-wall and the diaphragm acts as a huge pump in transferring air into and out of the lungs. In guy at some point of regular respiratory, 500ml of air movements in and out of the lungs with each breath. Mechanism of respiratory: We recognize that breathing consists of stages namely breathing in or concept and respiration out or expiration. Many factors are involved inside the mechanism of respiratory, e.G.

Contraction and relaxation of the intercostal muscle tissue in among

The ribs deliver adjustments in the function of ribs and sternum. When those muscle groups settlement, the ribs are improved and pass upward and forward and while these muscle tissues relax, the ribs settle down and pass inward and backward. The sternum additionally movements inward and backward.
Contraction and relaxation of the muscle tissues of diaphragm convey adjustments in its form. When these muscle tissue agreement, the diaphragm turns into dome like or convex
The spongy and elastic nature of the lungs causes expansion and contraction. They extend throughout inhaling and contract for the duration of respiration out.
Breathing in or idea: In guy, suggestion is active system. During inspiration, the intercostal muscle mass between the ribs agreement and pull the ribs forward and outward, pushing the sternum farther faraway from the vertebral column. By the contraction of the intercostal muscle groups and of the diaphragm, the size of the thorax as a whole is elevated and the pleural cavities within it are consequently enlarged. Since the pleural cavities are closed therefore their expansion has a tendency to create partial vacuum within them. The lungs are elastic and speak with the environment thru the air passages (trachea, bronchi). As quickly because the stress around the lungs is diminished, the air rushes into them through the trachea and bronchi. In this way the lungs extend to fill the pleural cavities and the strain on the outside and inside of the thorax are equalized. Thus the mechanism of human breathing is a suction-pump mechanism. The lungs are made to expand and settlement with the aid of actions of the ribs and diaphragm.

Breathing out or expiration: Expiration in guy is commonly a passive method.

In severe muscular exercise but, the expiration also will become lively. During expiration, the intercostal muscles of the ribs loosen up, the ribs move downward and inward. Thus the size of the chest hollow space is reduced to and fro. The sternum comes to its authentic position, lowering the scale of the chest hollow space from the front to lower back. At the same time muscle groups of the diaphragm relax and so the diaphragm assumes its dome shaped position. Thus with the relaxation of the muscles of diaphragm and of the intercostal muscles, the dimensions of the thorax as a whole is decreased. This discount within the size of the thorax exerts strain on the lungs. The lungs themselves are very elastic and have a tendency to go back to their authentic length. When the lungs are pressed, the foul air inside them is expelled or expiration takes place.