Voynich Manuscript: exact replicas to be made of ‘world’s most mysterious book’

The sector’s most mysterious e book has been locked away in a vault at Yale College for nearly all the beyond 1/2 century, its worn pages on hand too few and its secrets thus far decipherable to no person.

Written in an unrecognisable language, the fifteenth century Voynich Manuscript has stumped The world’s first-rate cryptographers and captured the imaginations of generations of students.

Now, after a 10-year pursuit, a small publishing residence in the North of Spain has secured the right to assemble a painstaking facsimile.

Siloe, the publishing residence, will produce 898 replicas of the manuscript, offering the opportunity that one will fall into the hands of the man or woman who will at remaining crack the code.
Juan Jose Garcia, Siloe‘s director, said it changed into thrilling simply to touch the manuscript, with a view to take 18 months to breed in exact element.

“It’s an e-book that has such a charisma of thriller that while you see it for the primary time… It fills you with an emotion this is very difficult to explain,” he told Agence France-Press.

The copies could be sold for €7,000-eight,000 (£6,000-6,900) every, Mr Garcia said.


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Carbon courting has located that the manuscript was created among 1404 and 1438.
It receives its call from Wilfried Voynich, the Polish ebook provider who offered it in 1912 from a collection of books owned through Italian Jesuits.

Its text is made up of 20-25 precise characters organized in mystifying order, and its pages are adorned with bizarre and colorful illustrations.

Some first-class British and American cryptographers have pored over it to little impact.

William Friedman, who led the crew that broke the japanese “Red” cipher in Global War II, spent 4 many years analyzing the manuscript before conceding defeat.

Images of the manuscript are to be had online, and Yale is bombarded with messages from humans claiming to have cracked the code, none of which have proved legitimate.

Raymond Clemens, curator of the Beinecke Uncommon e book and Manuscript Library at the University, says the selection to have the e-book reproduced become made because of the many requests to seek advice from the authentic.

“We concept that the facsimile could provide the appearance and sense of the original for those who have been involved,” he stated.

“It also enables libraries and museums to have a duplicate for instructional functions and we are able to use the facsimile ourselves to reveal the manuscript outside of the library to college students or others who is probably involved.”
So enigmatic is the e book that each its origins and subject depend are unknown.

It changed into lengthy believed to have been written by means of Roger Baron Verulam, the thirteenth century English logician and Franciscan friar, an opportunity dominated out by means of carbon courting.

A few have speculated that the Voynich became a take a look at of medieval remedy due to its many Images of flowers and herbs, but that too is guesswork.