Is A Tesla The World’s Greatest Camping Car?

A small lifestyle is dedicated to hacking the Model S for nights beneath the stars.
Bloomberg’s Tom Randall has a fantastic little story about but any other aspect the Tesla Model S is excellent for – napping. Following a small community of drivers who have explored the exercise, he spent a night on Lake Tahoe stretched out on the car’s folded rear seats.

You might query why anybody who can afford a Tesla might pick out it over a lodge room. However, for a number of us, spending a night in the woods is a greater than even trade-off for a breakfast buffet. As an inveterate hiker, camper, and road tripper myself, I’ve often determined myself stretching out in the spacious maintain of my trusty Toyota Matrix, extra frequently out of choice and convenience than necessity.

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Before my fellow Boy Scouts start wondering my cred: Sure, I decide on a tent, in part because of a few unique drawbacks to dozing in a fuel-powered car. There’s no manner to responsibly run the A/C or warmth, and even if the climate is ideal, you have to crack a window or two for air circulation. Which, relying on wherein you are, isn’t the safest, and no less than invitations mosquitos.

However, with a battery-powered vehicle, it’s a specific tale. Even though it calls for a few workarounds to keep the Version S from shutting down when there’s no one inside the motive force’s seat, Randall became able to set his automobile to an unofficial “Camp Mode” that saved the weather manage and air filtration structures jogging while he slept. Randall says that the night only expended about 7% of the automobile’s battery strength, leaving him lots to get to the next charger.


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And what he were given in return was a completely unique outside experience—sleeping securely and simply, However with a huge panoramic view of the stars and the outside. It’s no longer clean whether Randall’s ride had the optional large sunroof, However even without it the Version S has expansive windows.

Now, there are some downsides—at least some Version S’s seats don’t fold flat, requiring Randall to perform a little awkward improvising. However, sources familiar with the design of the approaching Model 3 informed him its seats will fold flat, making it almost as suitable for sound asleep as the Model S, Though less spacious.

Then, of route, there’s the but-to-be-unveiled Tesla Minibus, that could grow to be the subsequent truly first rate American camping vehicle. Elon Musk has said it is going to be inspired in component via the classic VW minibus, which have become an icon of Nineteen Sixties avenue-trip tradition. Thanks to the magic of battery energy, Tesla appears uniquely located to reignite that freewheeling love of the open road.