‘Worth exploring’ lottery to fund Olympic team, says Australian Sports Commission chief

His comments came as the ASC argues with the Australian Olympic Committee over Australia’s performance in Rio and “Triumphing Edge” strategy — which goals sports Australia’s already excellent at — with sports Minister Sussan Ley pronouncing she became unwell of the “finger pointing”.

Mr. Hollingsworth told 7.30 a lottery funding model was “something really worth exploring”.

“It’s too early to say whether or not It’s the right model, however, I suppose It is prudent to say, what are other off-price range opportunities to develop investment in the game.”

The ASC board is meeting on Tuesday in which Mr. Hollingsworth stated it’d speak refining Prevailing Side.

“We started properly earlier than the video games Prevailing Area could stay refined after Rio no matter the outcome,” he stated.Simon Hollingsworth, CEO of the Australian Sports Commission

Mr. Hollingsworth stated even as he changed into proud of Australia’s performance at Rio, he singled out cycling and hockey as sports activities that did not meet expectations.

“A few sports activities will require major change, cycling could be an excellent instance of that,” he said.

“Others consisting of swimming, rowing are at the right song, they had desirable effects that were an improvement on London.”

By no means been a fan of Winning Area’

AOC president John Coates final week told 7.30 Winning Area was not running.

Malcolm Velocity, govt director of the Coalition of fundamental Expert and Participation sports activities, said Mr. Coates should not have spoken out.


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“I think there is a difficulty in which John Coates has been criticising Triumphing Area. He criticised it before the Olympic video games, he criticised it in media reports before the Olympic games were finished,” he stated.

“I am disenchanted in that. I suppose preferably John would’ve waited until after the Olympics had finished and a mature evaluation had taken the region.”Rob De Castella

Marathon high-quality Rob De Castella consents with Mr. Coates. He believes Triumphing Side is a dropping approach as it faded the function of the Institute of the game.

“I have By no means been keen on Triumphing Edge. right from the very start, I just do not agree. You surrender the obligation to the national carrying organisations who have a huge duty themselves across a variety of regions, now not simply in the excessive performance region.

“I suppose the excellent outcomes come from getting the excellent coaches inside the international with the high-quality athletes in the united states, putting them within the excellent centers, backing them up with the quality recreation science, game clinical studies, creating that severe incubator way of life that just lives, breathes, sleeps and eats overall performance, excessive performance. And that’s what the Institute become.”

Blame sport ‘unnecessary’, says minister

sports activities Minister Sussan Ley has had enough of the bickering.

“I have been disappointed by means of the finger pointing, It is just definitely pointless,” she informed 7.30.

The minister backs the Australian sports activities Commission and Prevailing Side and needs everyone to look ahead to the reputable assessment of Rio to be performed.Sports Minister Sussan Ley

“It’s miles crucial to have an assessment and the sports Commission can be a part of that and I’m able to watch it with the hobby, but to start scrapping with those who seek to create war and confusion right now is a massive mistake,” she stated.

“It is now not an awesome search for a game to be chomping at every other’s heels and pulling every other down and the struggle among the ASC and the AOC and stuff, however, if you’re going to do it, now is the time to do it.”