Kevin Powell returns to Sports Feed on Sunday

CHICAGO – If you had been searching out positivity this week in Chicago sports, you virtually had to appear to the South Side.

The White Sox took 2-of-3 from the Giants at Guaranteed Rate Field and had been the most successful of Chicago’s teams.

Northwestern turned into blown out through Duke on Saturday, the Bears dropped their season opener to the Falcons on Sunday at the same time as the Cubs were dominated by means of the Brewers all weekend at Wrigley Field.

All of those storylines discern to feature extra thriller to the Chicago sports of Sunday panorama as September rolls on closer to October.

Kevin Powell of WGN Radio was back on Sports Feed to speak about of these groups – the Bears and the Cubs -on Sunday with Josh Frydman. He mentioned the Bears’ close to leaving out in opposition to the protecting NFC champions at Soldier Field and the lost weekend at the Friendly Confines for Joe Maddon’s crew.

Wood Blinds – How to Order Your Valance With Returns For Your Inside Mount Blind


You need internal mount 2-inch wooden blinds however your window starting is not very deep. Your blind will stick out a little but you’re okay with that. So you measure, area your order, and deploy yourself and save a lot of money. So a long way so right, your 2-inch timber blinds appearance terrific much like you imagined, however when you observe the blind from the aspect, the bracket is uncovered at the pinnacle. Looks unfinished. So what can you do about this? In this text, I will tell you a way to get a pleasant, smooth, completed appearance, so your valance wraps around on the ends.


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The problem is, whilst you order an inside mount 2-inch wood blind or some other wood blind

The balance will have a straight reduce at each end. This allows the blind and valance to be completely recessed in your starting. But if you do not have enough intensity, it stands out a bit leaving the hardware uncovered.
Here’s what you may do to restore it. You will pay for a decorator or an installer to determine out a go back length or save your cash and keep analyzing. Okay, what we need to do is order an outside mount valance on your interior mount 2 inches wooden blind. There is a bit little bit of figuring concerned. I’ll stroll you via the Steps.

Step 1.Need to parent the depth or your bracket. Ninety-nine% of all timber blind brackets I actually have installed are 2 3/4. That is pretty general.

Step 2.Know the thickness of your valance clip is going to be approximately 1/2 thick. Pretty popular as nicely.

Step three.Add Step one and together, 2 three/4 + 1/2 = 3 1/4.

Step four.Measure the intensity of your window commencing, for instance, say it’s far 1 half of.

Step five.Subtract line four from line three, three 1/four – 1 half = 1 3/four.

Step 6.Your return length is 1 3/four.

Step 7.Since we are ordering an outdoor mount valance with an inner mount blind, you have to specify the valance width. Just upload 1 inch to the width of your blind. For instance, in case you’re ordering your blind at 35 inches huge. Then order your balance at 36 inches huge.

Step 8.If ordering your blind online (shop money) you will enter this statistics below special instructions, generally observed as one of the closing Steps before filling your order. Here is what it needs to appear to be. Please send outside mount valance 36 inches extensive with 1 half of inch returns.

Follow those Steps and your balance for your 2-inch wooden blinds, or some other wooden blind and you may have returns on the ends. Now you have got an expert finished appearance. Good Luck!

Everything About Visiting a Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Chiropractic care and restoration have helped tens of millions of humans around the sector. Patients primarily visit chiropractors for pain and persistent returned troubles, however, chiropractic extends past general cache control. For decades, chiropractors had been solely running with athletes and sports groups for enhancing bodily health. Most top expert athletes and health fanatics have credited their respective coaches and chiropractors for his or her performance. If you play a recreation or are actively into physical sports, seeing a chiropractor is noticeably encouraged. Here are some of the stuff you need to realize.

The Benefits

Most sports and related activities can affect your spine and muscular tissues. Regular overtraining and excessive practice periods can go away you tired, bruised and fatigued. With a sports activities medicine chiropractor, you can decorate your normal health tiers. In addition to supporting you heal, Chiropractic assists you to get over common sports accidents. In case you already have a harm, chiropractic treatment can lessen your dependency on drugs and surgical procedures. Depending on the condition of the athlete, chiropractors might also use different sorts of non-invasive and drug-free alternative remedies, inclusive of cold laser therapy or spinal decompression, to boost up the healing manner. Chiropractic sessions are in particular useful for treating foot accidents, shoulder ache, complications, and hand pain.

What to Expect?

You have to apprehend that a sports chiropractor has the giant expertise of sports associated accidents, the mechanism of injury, the anatomy it is typically concerned along with your injury whilst thinking about your past history and health goals. If you are an athlete journeying a chiropractor, they may first try to apprehend your troubles or issues and treatment goals. Treatment can be powerful and ache-unfastened, and some notice a difference in health from the primary consultation. Sports chiropractors may also provide suggestions and suggestions for higher sleep, schooling, and eating regimen. For particular accidents, you may need diagnostic checks before present process treatment.

What Else to Know?

If you don’t want to depend on medicines and drugs for remedy, chiropractic care is a fantastic natural alternative to the healing procedure. Our spine has many ache-touchy tissues, and with chiropractic modifications, you could cope with the pain associated with muscle groups, joints, ligaments and tissues better. So pick your chiropractor with care. You need someone who focuses on sports accidents and associated problems so that you can get notable, a powerful remedy for your condition.

Never Cut Your Nails on a Sunday


According to an old European superstition, you have to in no way reduce your fingernails on a Sunday. If you probably did evil stories might be advised to you for a week. Even worse the Satan would comply with you all week. Cutting fingernails became taken into consideration now not handiest paintings, however additionally being preoccupied together with your outer splendor. This was some thing that became now not tolerated at the day of relaxation and worship.

Cutting your nails on a Friday became equally unfortunate. It became stated bad success and sorrow could strike the home of all and sundry in the household dared to cut their fingernails on a Friday.

Friday and Sunday were truly dominated out for slicing fingernails.

Playing it secure, many might wait till Monday before reducing their nails. It changed into told that Monday before noon become an amazing time to convey out the scissors and cut the one’s nails. Cut your fingernails early Monday morning and you can assume a gift. The pronouncing went on like this. Cut on a Tuesday for thrift, cut on Wednesday for news, cut on Thursday for footwear, cut on Friday for sorrow, cut on Saturday to look your lover the next day, cut on Sunday for evil.

In the 19th century it becomes not unusual superstition that if a mom cut the fingernails of her baby earlier than the child turned into one-year vintage, that child would grow up to turn out to be a thief.

Even the Vikings had strong issues approximately fingernails.

It became believed the ship called Naglfar (nail-ferry), changed into made totally from fingernails and toenails taken from dead human beings. When Naglfar become finished, the Jotunns would sail this deliver in warfare in opposition to the gods. This changed into the final warfare. This turned into Ragnarok, the top of the arena. No lifeless guy was to be buried with uncut fingernails. Every precaution had to be made to ensure that the corpse did not supply more fabric for building the Naglfar. But all changed into no longer misplaced. After Ragnarok, a brand new world arises. Whatever occurred to Naglfar, I do no longer realize.