CPI(M) demands delinking sports bodies from poltical patronage

Attributing failure of Indian athletes at Rio Olympics to “pernicious” grip of political nepotism over sports our bodies and negative infrastructure, CPI(M) on Thursday demanded de-linking the bodies from political patronage even because it pitched for comprehensive sports activities policy.

“The failure to excel in sports activities is not a fault of character athletes, however, a fabricated from bad sports infrastructure, loss of public funding for sports activities and the pernicious grip of a political-bureaucratic nepotism over the sports activities federations,” ex-CPI(M) well known secretary Prakash Karat has said.

Karat also said, “The sports activities federations have to be overhauled and de-related from political patronage. They ought to emerge as democratic our bodies in which sports activities humans have a chief say. A comprehensive sports policy which perspectives sports activities as part of all round development of teenagers and welfare of society has to be installed region.”Prakash Karat

In the editorial of drawing close trouble of celebration mouthpiece ‘human beings’s Democracy’, Karat noted badminton player P V Sindhu, wrestler Sakshi Malik and artistic gymnast Deepa Karmakar ought to succeed because of their “private endeavour and tough paintings” overcoming diverse odds.

Archer Dipika Kumari, daughter of a rickshaw puller, and steeplechase sprinter Lalita Babar, who belongs to a poor peasant family, too made it to the Olympics by overcoming poverty and alleged loss of support via “sheer grit and resolution”, he stated.

“The dismal nation of sports in India is summed up Inside the loss of recreation centers – negative stadiums, lack of gymnasiums and swimming pools. That is compounded with the aid of negative country funding – of meagre scholarships and incentives for younger students to take sports seriously,” he said.

Referring to country governments showering “crores of rupees” and different items on Sindhu and Sakshi, Karat burdened such person rewards don’t deal with primary problems.


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Instead, he said, it would be better if country governments and Significant authorities embark on a plan to construct sports activities infrastructure on a huge scale and offer ok funds for the schooling and protection of the young sports activities talent.

The Marxist chief also suggested giving up “lopsided” emphasis on cricket and company sponsorship for it over all different sports.