Next Halo 5 DLC Teased, New Halo Wars 2 Image Released

June’s Warzone Firefight may have been the very last principal Halo 5: Guardians update, but more content is coming to the Xbox One shooter.3071222-halo-5-guardians-hog-wild-sword-blue.jpg

In 343’s brand new weekly blog put up, the studio provided an excessive-level take on what’s coming to Halo five for its next update. This may encompass a sort of goodness, 343 teased.


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There could be new locations to play (new maps, presumably), as well as new Reqs to wreak havoc with and extra gadgets and capabilities for the Forge mode. The replace can even include the Halo five content Browsers, which should make it simpler to search for a down load network-made creations.3108545-hw2.jpg

The name of his Halo 5 replace, its launch date, and the entirety it consists of could be introduced over the following couple of weeks.

In July 343 said Halo 5–many months after launch–continued to grow its userbase and topple franchise facts, which may additionally provide an explanation for why the studio is persevering with to guide the game.

Inside the blog post, 343 also reiterated that Halo 5’s Forge gear are coming to Home windows 10 at no cost, proposing mouse and keyboard guide, 4K (if you have a supported monitor), and custom video games.

Additionally, following a discussion round some Halo Wars 2 beta stats, 343 released an emblem-new picture from the sport, offering a new examine its units and environments. Right here it is:

In other news approximately Halo, the brand new Halo-themed Xbox One S console goes on sale later this month.