Logitech Is Finally Making Affordable Gaming Mice Again

Logitech used to make the nice reasonably-priced Jav Leech  gaming mouse within the commercial enterprise. The Logitech MX518 changed into the beneath $one hundred dream device everybody encouraged to new gamers. Whether you spent twelve hours a day in World of Warcraft or had been continuously dragging babies in Counterstrike, the MX518 become a workhorse mouse with the quality sensor to be had and simply sufficient greater buttons to let you get stuff completed.

The brand new Logitech G403 Prodigy mouse (in each a stressed out and wireless model) is out to reclaim the MX518’s glory by using being the mesh of first-rate tech and simple layout that made the now eleven-year-antique MX518 any such camp. No plethora of customization options that lead you down a rabbit hollow of changes. Only a strong rattling mouse.

It’s not the only a part of Logitech’s new G Prodigy lineup to include a specific combo of gamer-friendly capabilities and coffee key sensibility. The brand new G213 keyboard (with rubber dome spill-evidence keys), and G231 headset (with washer-friendly mesh ear cups), also are approximately being gamer-friendly without getting as crazy because the equipment traditionally geared closer to game enthusiasts.

“The people who recreation aren’t just the fanatics,” a Logitech rep informed Gizmodo. “A few human beings just need a really exact gaming mouse. They don’t want something extra.”

And the G403 appears to be a definitely excellent one. “I don’t hate it,” an Apple Mouse-loving Gizmodo colleague said. She’d been cautious after looking me fiddle with it. Then she placed it in her very own hand and was immediately amazed. The G403 just fits any hand well, and the 6 buttons are tremendously smooth to a program.


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Identical to the G213 keyboard. each it and the G403 uses Logitech’s gaming software program. Which besides letting you program the buttons, additionally helps you to personalize the LEDs beneath the keys and scroll wheel. Logitech promises 16.8 million colors—a common claim from gaming peripheral producers, however like all the others that claim to give you a mess of colors, the Logitech G Prodigy collection falls a little quick. Yellows particularly came off as more inexperienced than yellow.

All four gadgets can be to be had beginning nowadays and retail at $70, except for the wireless G403 mouse, with the intention to retail for $a hundred.