World’s largest model train store, Caboose Hobbies, set to close in September

Along with his left hand, 2-year-vintage Andres Gomez carefully guides a blue Thomas train up the wood hill of a model railroad song in the lobby of Cabin car Interests.

“He adores trains,” his mother, Amna Khan, 37, said. “Choo-choo” became one in every of his first phrases.

Andres’ blue Thomas T-shirt suits in against the history of the sector’s biggest model teach save. Khan and her husband, Antonio Gomez, forty-three, stopped by means of with Andres and four-year-old daughter, Ayanna, at the inspiration of a family buddy they had been staying with in the region.

The out-of-country traffic’ trip to the shop on South Broadway will likely be their final, though. Caboose Pursuits’ rent is up and Duane Miller said he’ll retire in place of search for a new location. The shop will near Sept. 25, he said in the store’s online newsletter “Caboose Daily Information.”
A final go to

Joseph Ott, 89, and James Dean visited the store in advance this month for their “ultimate appearance,” earlier than all the stock is gone.

“After 60 years, I want to see it one greater time,” Ott stated. “I’m now not the usage of a camera. I’m using this camera,” he stated, pointing to his head, “because it works better.”

Over the ones six many years, Ott has constructed 3 large model railroad structures with elements bought at Cabin car Pastimes. He nonetheless works on it once in a while. It’s part of his lifestyles.

“I was delivered up with the trains,” Ott said. “Regrettably, we lived inside the slums. And the slums is where the trains went. So we’d sneak out at night and go play evade with the engines.”

Dean, seventy five, has been all in favour of trains his whole lifestyles. He labored in agriculture at a time whilst trains were the mode by means of which most of the grains have been hauled, he said. Now, vans play a far larger role. Dean has discovered a similar placing apart from trains within the more youthful generations.

The ‘slipping’ interest

Constructing model trains isn’t always as famous of a hobby as it once turned into. The 3-d artwork form is time-eating — and high-priced — requiring a commitment on each fronts.


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That means most people of Miller’s customers are adults, and they’re growing old.

Denver HO version Railroad Club president Randall Lee, sixty-nine, said he would are expecting the common model railroader’s age is ready 70. He said that variety’s grown as he’s elderly.

Lee grew up with the hobby. His parents couldn’t find the money for a version teach set at the time, so he sold one at age 10 with cash he had earned mowing yards over summer.

“When I used to be a kid, you dreamed of going to a long way off places by educate — now not by aircraft, however by means of train,” he said. “There was this mystique. It inspired dreams and youngsters got inquisitive about it.”

Lee, who’s at the advisory board of the Colorado Railroad Museum, changed into formerly the editor and writer of model Railroading mag until its remaining version in August 2006. He said the statistics in his magazine helped manufacturers make higher models, but the ones better fashions through the years eliminated the need for modelers to spend time tweaking their very own setups.

“Manufacturers can produce models that were thus far superior from what the modeler ought to do,” Lee said. “So the modeler decided, ‘Why am I spending so much time to make something that’s no longer as top as what I can buy off the shelf?’ While in the past, they could produce something higher.”

At the same time as young kids can be involved in teach characters including Thomas, it isn’t necessarily something they’re developing into a lifelong interest, Lee stated. There are exceptions, but for the most part, it’s just a passing fancy. And that section normally isn’t long sufficient for a determine to spend money on a model set that would easily become packed away in a field within the basement.

“It’s tough to convince families to present their kids a teach set anymore due to the fact they’d as a substitute provide them a Gameboy, or something like that,” Miller said.

Kimberly Taylor, 62, who turned into shopping at Cabin car Hobbies Along with his travelling five-year-antique grandson Dominic Renda shared a comparable sentiment.

“Kids are too inquisitive about other things,” he stated. “The parents aren’t into either. Years ago, the Christmas trains, all that sort of stuff, it becomes a big deal. But that was leisure. Now you’ve been given video games, and children just don’t care.” The well known painting of a train coming out of a brick wall is seen on the outside of the Caboose Hobbies store on August 14, 2016 in Denver, Colorado.

Taylor has a few stay-steam garden-scale trains. One in all his engines fee $800, and every other became upward of $1,500. A bigger one, he said, ought to value $four,000.

Dominic, who’s nonetheless too young to build the more pricey fashions, likes riding Denver’s mild rail when he visits from Big apple. His favorite trains are diesel. Taylor said Cabin car Pursuits has been considered one of Dominic’s stops, and he attempts to carry him there on every occasion he’s in town.

A variety of younger people, even though, Miller stated, aren’t as inquisitive about the model trains. They don’t want, or instead, don’t need to make the effort to learn how to assemble the scenes or twine the setup. They don’t need to pay the money — or spend the time — to construct a railroad to of entirety.

“As an end result, the interest has transformed from an interest of doing matters to a hobby of observing things,” Lee said. “Youngsters want to peer the trains run. The most not unusual question is ‘How speedy can it pass?’ because that’s the way their lifestyles runs. For us, it changed into extra about making them operate and making them perform just like the real ones, besides in miniature shape.”

The time spent doing so is what makes up the hobby.

“You build a railroad no longer to complete it,” Ott stated. “It’s opposite from nearly something else you build. There’s a little fun in watching trains go around. Nearly as a good deal as the youngsters used to do after they put it on a carpet and run it underneath a chair. That’s the happiness of it. The leisure and the purpose is within the doing, I assume, greater than within the completed line.”

A milestone move

Cabin car Interests has been at its South Broadway vicinity when you consider that 1981. Before that, it was downtown, at 610 15th St.

Miller took over jogging the store from his father, who had entered the version train enterprise within the 1950s. Miller’s father, Glen Brazelton, had made the trade to a model train store from a gas aircraft save because it might mean better business: With fuel airplanes, customers commonly handiest returned for fuel, but with version trains, they’d return for pieces of track, more scenery, additional teach vehicles and so forth.

For a long term, business turned into great. A few years ago, Duane Miller had hired 111 human beings. In January 2014, the Guinness Book of world Facts established Caboose Pursuits as the sector’s largest version educate store. A plaque hangs in the store.

But over the years, the physical shop has end up a lesser part of the business. Now, Miller says, half of his sales are on line.

Even as which can attraction to global clients and a more youthful clientele, it’s no longer a fine for the severe version railroaders.

“You sincerely don’t recognize what you’re getting,” Taylor stated. “As a minimum right here, you can walk in and see it, maintain it and ask about it.”

Ott said looking to buy the loads of tiny pieces on line would be very tough and uncomfortable for him.

“How within the international might you save on-line?” he asked. “There’s six various things in the transfer that you have to have a look at and recognise what’s there, or it doesn’t work together with your machine.”