5 ways to make the most of Reddit for Android and iOS

In case you question me, the new legitimate Reddit app for Android telephones and iPhones makes for a better Reddit surfing experience than the full Reddit website, specifically as soon as what you’re doing. For starters, you could “pin” your preferred subreddits to the top of your listing, as well as speedy jump from one “discern” remark to the next. There’s additionally a night time mode for late-night time Reddit reading, in addition to a way to toggle between jumbo and compact media previews. Last however not least, there’s a shortcut for viewing a subreddit’s sidebar. Observe: For now, the Android version of Reddit appears to be lagging behind its iOS counterpart in terms of functions; with any luck, Reddit for Android will catch up faster as opposed to later. Pina subreddit (iOS most effective) By way of default, your listing of subreddits within the Reddit app is organized in alphabetical order, but there’s also a way to “pin” a favorite subreddit to the top of the listing. Simply swipe on a subreddit from proper to the left, then tap the green Pin button. 5 ways to make the most of Reddit for iOS and AndroidIn case you swipe a bit further, you’ll additionally discover a crimson Unsubscribe button. Turn on night mode browsing Reddit in the darkish can be rather an excessive amount off of a watch starting experience, in particular In case you’ve were given a bedmate who’s seeking to drift off. Luckily, the official Reddit app joins a growing list of Android and iOS apps that boast a night mode. For iOS: tap the Profile button in the bottom-right nook of the display screen, faucet the Settings button inside the pinnacle right corner, then faucet the Subject drop-down menu and choose Reddit night time. There’s also a Car night Subject matter placing that’ll Switch on night time mode routinely in the evening. For Android: Lamentably, the Reddit app for Android lacks iOS’s Automobile night Subject matter placing, but you may nevertheless turn on night mode manually. faucet the main “hamburger” menu button within the pinnacle-left nook of the display screen, scroll all the way down and faucet Settings, then toggle on the night time Mode setting. Switch between Compact and ‘Card’ views One of my favorite matters about the legit Reddit app is its jumbo-sized “card” view, which breaks out man or woman Reddit posts right into a card-like format complete with massive picture and video previews.


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Pin a subredditIt’s a terrific way to browse images and video clips on Reddit without having to open the actual posts. That stated the card view won’t be for anybody, and Fortunately there’s a way to interchange to a smaller “compact” view, either as an app-extensive default or most effective (for iOS customers, anyway) for unique subreddits. For iOS: To alternate the default setting for viewing posts inside the Reddit app, faucet the Profile button within the backside nook of the display screen, tap the Settings button up at the top, faucet the Default View, then pick a setting—either Card or Compact. To trade the placing for a person subreddit, faucet the three-dot menu button in the top corner of a subreddit display, then tap Switch to Compact View or Transfer to Card View. For Android: The Android version of Reddit received let you pick out separate viewing modes for man or woman subreddits (or at the least, now not yet), however, there’s a smooth way to interchange default viewing modes. Just open a subreddit, faucet the 3-dot menu button in the pinnacle corner of the screen, then tap Card View or Compact View. once that’s carried out, the setting you picked turns into the default for each subreddit in the app. View a subreddit’s community sidebar One of the downsides of viewing Reddit on its respectable cell app is that a subreddit’s sidebar—often a crucial repository for community rules, FAQs, and different crucial hyperlinks—is hidden from the primary subreddit view. Hat stated you could nonetheless view sidebars from the reliable Reddit app If you realize wherein to look. For each, the Android and iOS variations of Reddit, Just faucet the three-dot menu button within the top nook of any subreddit display screen, then tap the network Data option. jump from one ‘discern’ remark to the following (iOS handiest) It’s easy to go down a rabbit hollow when viewing a subreddit post with hundreds or maybe hundreds of remarks, particularly If you wander into a rant Via the grammar police. A smooth way to live on the right track is By using skipping beforehand from one determine remark—the remark to which some other comment (or several) is referring—to the following, and the iOS model of the Reddit app has an on hand characteristic that’ll let you do Just that. As you scroll down inside a subreddit publishes, you’ll see a faint, translucent arrow button floating at the display. faucet it, and also you’ll right now soar to the following discern comment. In case you need to move the button someplace else on the display, tap and hold the button until it bulges, then drag it wherever you want.