Chevy Bolt To Feature Over-The-Air Software Updates

In step with its “next-gen” reputation, the Chevy Bolt will function the ability to upgrade system software “over the air” as Tesla does with the Version S and the Version X (and Apple, etc., do together with your smartphones, tablets, and so forth.). This statistics is based totally on feedback made lately by means of GM exec Pam Fletcher at the Citi 2016 International Technology Conference. This is in contrast to the state of affairs in lots of modern-day models, whereby vehicles want to be taken into the store to have the software upgraded. The over-the-air approach simplifies matters significantly for each owner and manufacturers — making short fixes an opportunity while needed, rather than having to depend on upon bodily recalls whilst issues pop up.Chevy Bolt California Though, it’s uncertain how much this would be the case in practice with reference to the Bolt, as previous remarks via execs inferred that safety-critical systems wouldn’t be updated over the air. Here are a few pick quotes from Fletcher (coming to us thru “Breezy” on the GM Volt discussion board): “Exact question, so DC rapid charging you get about 90 miles in the half-hour. “Yes over-the-air programming, and so the Bolt EV can have over-the-air software program download capability. “…we take (cyber security) very seriously and we, in reality, wanted to get wherein we’ve got all essential safeguards in region to do so that we might do over the air programming properly and securely and so that will come out on the Bolt EV.” It’ll be thrilling to see what the company ends up identifying to replace the air. Certainly infotainment systems? Will the organization move towards the rollout of adding new features to the air? Usual, this seems to be an excellent pass. As our first electric powered vehicle record noted, many customers have a robust desire for over-the-air updates. They’re honestly easier and greater time green for customers.


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