Alessia Cara Opens Up About Insecurity, Beauty Standards

Alessia Cara goes to take over the arena. The Canadian singer went from playing acoustic covers on her YouTube channel to being signed with Def Jam. On the grounds that then, the 20-12 months old’s unmarried “Right here” climbed the charts and received over fanatics and critics alike.

But she’s no longer simply an excellent musician, she’s an inspiring recommend for self-love, too. Alessia has suffered her personal insecurities, commencing up about her hair-loss and getting bullied, But has used the tune to turn her revel in into something lovely. Alessia’s encouraging track “Scars For your beautiful” promotes and advocates for loving your real self, reminding us we’re stunning just the manner we’re.

Alessia has now teamed up with I am THAT GIRL, the wonderful organization that aims to support and inspire young girls to like themselves and each different for who they’re certainly. The perfect duo has now collaborated on a video set to the music “Scars For your stunning.”

We could talk about how cool Alessia is forever, but we should probably let her speak for herself.  Read on for Youngster Vogue’s exclusive interview with Alessia on splendor standards, frame photograph, and how she learned to love herself.

Youngster Vogue: What stimulated “Scars For your beautiful?”

Alessia Cara: I used to be finding it genuinely tough to be a GIRL in this global today. With these kinds of expectancies being thrown at us, I desired to make women neglect and remind all and sundry which you don’t have to conform to these requirements or molds that we’re expected to suit into. There are so many ones of a kind types of stunning, and it’s approximate time that we begin embracing they all.

Television: Did you count on the reaction the track were given?

AC: I virtually didn’t. I made it for younger women like myself because I assume the media’s splendor standards have an effect on us the most. But it wasn’t until I released the tune that I found out how many other people were affected and connected to it, whether it was older men or ladies. However, it is the beauty of it. It proves that such a lot of humans, irrespective of if we assume so or now not, are suffering from that form of message.


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Television: You made the % to no longer put on make-up while you perform the tune? Why is that?alessia lede

AC: I’m no longer anti-makeup or something, it’s due to the fact the song is ready embracing yourself and your natural traits and loving yourself for who you’re. I should by no means hold forth that after I have an entire face of makeup on, my hair all achieved up, and clothes that aren’t even mine. I just made it a point, on every occasion I sing it, to be herbal, to expose people you don’t want to be all carried out up. people suppose that to be a pop celebrity you need to look a certain manner. I need to reveal people that there’s an opportunity.

Television: What do you wish folks who concentrate to the tune realize about their personal internal beauty?

AC: It’s the world it is messed up, and it’s the sector’s twisted view of what splendor have to be. They want to exchange, it’s never you.

TV: Do you have got any advice for those who experience insecure about their look?

AC: You do not must galvanize all and sundry. And the human beings we assume we must impress, are possibly thinking they must impress you. We all have insecurities and you’re now not alone. If something, it is the maximum accepted aspect in the global. But I think that, optimistically with the help of music and the assist of humans talking out, so one can ultimately exchange.

Television: How did you decide to work with I’m THAT GIRL? What do you hope this partnership will obtain ultimately?

AC: The second one I noticed it I used to be like, this is wonderful. It perfectly aligns with no longer most effective my track, However with the whole thing I’ve been attempting to speak about, and the whole thing I believe in. it is a great network that ladies can join and communicate approximately the whole thing. Not anything is taboo. it is very open and I am happy, because loads of the time girls feel embarrassed approximately certain subjects, and they feel like they’re by myself in all these things.