Android user switches to iPhone 7 from pure Android and has some surprising opinions

One of the reasons why analysts are so short of calling new iPhone releases uninteresting is due to the fact they frequently have a look at a brand new tool from the perspective of someone who already the owns the previous model. So while the iPhone 6S became released, as an instance, and anyone stated that it didn’t definitely bring something new to the desk, maximum analysts neglected the reality that most customers have been coming over from the 5S. That being the case, most iPhone 6S shoppers did find the device to be a compelling upgrade. Of course, no longer everybody who purchases a new iPhone is a current iPhone user. Indeed, Tim Cook frequently mentions that the proportion of new iPhone customers coming over from Android keeps growing swiftly with every passing zone. Having said that, we currently got here across an exciting Reddit thread wherein a former Android consumer with a Nexus 6P upgraded to the iPhone 7 and relayed his mind on the transition. iPhone 7 Vs. AndroidStandalone iPhone 7 evaluations are great, however, nothing can quite compare to listening to a first-hand account what a brand new iPhone is like from a person who’s coming from the alternative facet of the cellphone spectrum. At the same time as a few factors of the transition have been to be expected, there had been a few unexpected regions where the iPhone 7 turned into found to be a marked improvement over Android, which includes typical build quality and, oddly enough, button layout. Inside the hobby of retaining the evaluation truthful, we have to factor out that there have been wonderful regions wherein the Android to iPhone switcher favored his 6P. At the same time as a few iPhone vs Android, comparisons can get bogged down in zero-sum-game style questioning, this particular evaluate from Reddit presents a refreshingly balanced and honest study many of the pros and cons related to each platform. One final point that I found exciting is that the Redditor found iOS’ inventory keyboard to be particularly lacking: “I feel it’s a step back from Google’s. The prediction/autocorrection isn’t close to in which Google’s is, and the format feels barely less green.” Ensure to check out the supply link underneath for the full assessment.


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