Batman Cosplay Suit Sets World Record With 23 Gadgets

A thoughts-blowing Batman cosplay dress sporting 23 functioning devices – which include smoke bombs, a grapnel gun, and a bat signal projector – has earned a gap in Guinness World Data’ 2017 Gamer’s Version. Irish unique creature results expert Julian Checkley designed the tricky match around the Caped Crusader’s outfit in online game Batman: Arkham Origins.

Checkley broke down the gown in an in-depth video teasing the Gamer’s Version. The layout also consists of a fireball shooter,  gauntlet video screens, bat-monitoring beacon, bat sign projector, folding Batarang, cowl respirator, pneumatic tranquilizer gun, ultrasonic anti-canine device, four bat shuriken, UV lamp,  ball-bearing grenades, gauntlet flashlight, media-kit, battery %, laser designator, bat-cam, strobe stun gun, gas dispenser, two smoke bombs, bat flask, concealed laryngeal microphone and -manner radio. 

“While I was approximately seven years antique, I made my first actual cosplay gown – a little Darth Vader costume out of a balloon and papier-mâché,” Checkley said in a video revealing his epic advent, which becomes in part created with 3D printing. He recruited an electrical engineer to create the 200-watt EMP stun gun.


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Before becoming outcomes professional, Checkley worked within the movie industry as a model maker and art director. In the course of his career, he dreamed of constructing a tribute to the Dark Knight. “I’ve usually been a Batman fan,” he stated. “He’s sort of anti-hero, sort of Darkish, but He is still a terrific guy.”

The Guinness World Records’ 2017 Gamer’s Version hits shelves September 8th.