How Bernie Sanders Die-Hards Echo Clinton Conspiracy Theories

A few conservatives are hard at work spreading conspiracy theories approximately Hillary Clinton’s fitness in an try to disqualify her from searching for a better workplace. Video footage of the Democratic nominee stumbling as she all at once departed a 9-11 memorial on Sunday, mixed with information that she had contracted pneumonia, has fueled rumors at the right that Clinton may be concealing a far worse scientific situation. But it’s now not just conservatives indulging in the wild hypothesis. At least A few die-tough supporters of Bernie Sanders are echoing, and in Some instances amplifying, unproven claims that Clinton may be protecting up serious health problems. For a contingent of Sanders supporters who remain convinced the number one turned into rigged and distrust the media and the Democratic status quo, it isn’t a good deal of a leap to consider Clinton has been dishonest approximately her health.

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A few have even raised the opportunity that she’s gone to tremendous lengths to conceal the fact: In a video published to Facebook on Monday that has been viewed 11,000 instances, Sanders supporter Adryenn Ashley indicates that Clinton can also have used a frame double after leaving the memorial to hide health issues. “I think she’s way, way, manner sicker than simply pneumonia,” Ashley says in the video. the hypothesis that Clinton has employed a body double to hide illness has unfolded on right-wing web sites within the aftermath of her swift departure from the rite closing weekend. The Clinton campaign brushed off the idea as an absurd conspiracy principle, However, that ain’t positioned a quit to the rumor—or others like it—for anybody inclined to accept as true with. “There may be some thing the marketing campaign is hiding,” Ashley, who recognized herself as a progressive, advised me in a“They need to name any query of her health a conspiracy principle. It’s no longer a concept, it’s a truth.”