Man eats ‘world’s hottest noodles’ – and instantly regrets it

OF all of the emotions I’ve ever had My True Care  in my lifestyles that is the worst.”

So says Ben Sumadiwiria, a 22-12 months-old chef from London who tracked down the “global’s spiciest noodles” and ate a plateful on camera for his online cooking show.

Ben, who runs the Extremely good Eats YouTube channel, ordered the ‘Demise Noodles’ at a small backstreet diner in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

The dish incorporates a hundred fowl’s eye chilies and has a Scoville rating of 20 million. Tabasco sauce, for contrast, has a score of 50,000.

After gobbling down half his meal, Ben had to strip off, then guzzle milk and maintain his head beneath a chilly tap so that you can lessen his discomfort.

“This turned into really the freshest component I’ve ever eaten,” he later stated. “Inside seconds of tasting them, I used to be sweating and feeling ill.Ben suffers.

“All of us who tried them threw up outdoor the drain. They may be referred to as ‘Demise noodles’ and a few locals can even end a whole plate, which is simply crazy.

“We’ve got accomplished the calculations and these are truly the hottest noodles within the international. They are honestly the freshest commercially available dish.

“I’m not simply partial to spicy food however whilst any person throws down a mission I simply can not say no. I went quickly deaf and my mouth becomes burning for hours afterwards.”


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