Rio Olympics 2016: Five times when sports officials ’embarassed’ Indian sportspersons

Rio Olympics 2016 have subsequently come to an give up with IOC President Thomas Bach maintaining its closure. The flames were been prominent and the tournament is officially over.

The most important sporting event within the global turned out to be a sour candy one for India. In spite of getting sent out the biggest contingent of players in USA’s Olympics records, comprising of 118 players, simplest  games managed to bag medals. But the quantity of ardour ignited via the athletes some of the masses reached a ‘never-seen-before’ stage in the use(besides of course, in cricket).

However, at the same time as the country and principal governments are now showering sportspersons with prize cash and awards, the gamers were left ’embarrassed’ on several occasions by the sports and authorities officers of the country in the course of Rio Olympics 2016.

Vijay Goel’s ‘charades’ at Rio Olympics 2016

The sports activities minister of India, Vijay Goel, who changed into accompanying Indian athletes to reveal his support and screen requests of athletes, ended up nearly losing his Olympics accreditation. The minister’s ‘entourage’ while not having accreditation to positive places behaved in ‘competitive’ and ‘rude’ way once they were stopped by the officers to go into.

The India sports minister acquired respectable caution from Olympics Establishing Committee.

Vijay Goel at Rio: India awaits the first medal even though Vijay Goel is first

If that turned into not all, the minister went on to Twitter to expose aid to Indian athletes. He ended up misspelling Dip Karmakar’s call. Also, the publish become published with his photo and no longer the image of the gymnast.

Simply whilst the Twitterati were achieved trolling him, he again posted every other tweet sending out wishes to tune-and-discipline athlete Srabani Nanda However attached the image of Dutee Chand together with it.

It Simply indicates how invested the sports minister of the united states of America is closer to the field. The ministers of u . S . do not even know their very own players, to whom they may be supposedly answerable for. The fate of Indian sports activities is doomed, if such stays the attitude of the officers chargeable for searching after sports activities within the country.


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Haryana ministers Rio ‘excursion’

For the ministers of Haryana, Rio Olympics 2016 turned into ‘as soon as-in-a-lifetime’ possibility to have a country funded experience to Rio. Anil Vij, the sports activities minister of Haryana led a nine-member group to Brazil, asking finances from the authorities so that they may be on the website to “inspire” players from Haryana.

Haryana delegation to Rio 2016 Olympians to price exchequer Rs 1 crore

The only trouble becomes that the ministers were spotted putting out at Rio seashores and motels, and sightseeing the town, while players from their kingdom were appearing in the Olympics. No minister virtually attended any game.

Such is the determination of the ministers of our country in the direction of sports activities improvement. All they see in a main sports activities occasion is a danger to consume true meals, see some traveler spots and have an overseas journey. And whilst the sports activities associations ask for the fund, they make excuses to justify their loss of prioritisation.

The ‘doctors odd’ of Indian Olympics team

Dipa Karmakar was now not the only athlete who become now not given proper scientific facility all through Rio Olympics 2016. The Indian Olympics contingent had two legit clinical staffers, Pawandeep Singh and Col R S Negi, who each had been radiologists by means of career and had no previous enjoy in sports activities medicine.

The two radiologists, coincidentally are associated with Indian Olympics Association’s(IOA) key individuals. According to reviews, O P Jaisha’s train needed to get into scuffle with the medical doctors to call for scientific interest after she fainted for the duration of the marathon.India Rio Olympics, India Rio 2016 Olympics, India politicians rio 2016 olympics, india politicians olympics, india politicians sports, sports politics, sports olympics politics, vijay goel, anil vij, abhay chautala, sports, olympics, olympics news, sports news

Struggle of hobby whiff around Indian medical group at Rio 2016 Olympics

The two docs have been now not found in camps, According to reviews, and were unknown to players, which was why Saina Nehwal needed to seek advice from IOC medical doctors after she suffered the infection in her knee.

Maximum athletes Also reportedly said that the docs prescribed ‘combiflam’ for every fitness-related difficulty.

That is wherein the irresponsible mindset of sports activities authorities within the country comes into consciousness. Vinesh Phogat, one of the wrestlers, suffered severe injury throughout her region-very last bout. She needed to be taken off the sector in a stretcher.

Such incidents can happen on-and-off the sphere in the sort of huge wearing occasion. Without immediate right medical interest, injuries can without difficulty exit of hand, and may have severe outcomes on the player’s sporting profession.

Dip Karmakar’s physiotherapist become taken into consideration as ‘wasteful’

The entire country stayed up at night to look at Dipa Karmakar acting her ‘loss of life-defying’ Produnova vault. She was the first Indian gymnast to attain the finals of an Olympic tournament. the event even though she did not win a medal, she gained a ‘heroic’ stature amongst the citizens of u . S ..

Dip Karmakar’s request for long-time physio to accompany to Rio become deemed ‘wasteful’ via SAI

The government of India showered her with prize money and accolades after her feat. But how was she treated before she has become one of the Maximum celebrated sports activities Olympian in u ? S .? The sports activities Authority of India did no longer allow Karmakar’s physiotherapist Sajad Ahmad to accompany her to Rio. It turned into deemed as “wastage” of money and sources. simplest while Karmakar reached the finals, SAI determined to hurry the physiotherapist to Brazil.

The truth is the sports officials did now not expect Karmakar to make any form of a mark in Olympics. That is the unhappy fact of sports in India. We never have faith in out players who devote their whole lives on a field to make the nation proud.

The curious case of ‘peanuts’ night meal

On fifteenth August, which is widely known as Independence Day in India, the Indian Embassy in Rio hosted a ‘grand reception’ for the athletes which are representing the united states, organized via the adolescents and sports affairs ministry. But little did they understand that they’ll be served with peanuts by means of the embassy. The gamers missed their dinner on the Video games Village to attend the reception.

India gamers served ‘beer, peanuts’ on Independence Day at Indian Embassy in Rio

The athletes of the united states possibly might have cherished to see a piece greater enthusiasm from their ministry in Establishing a reception for them in Rio. The USA delegation reserved a luxurious cruise called ‘The Silver Cloud’ for the highly-paid NBA stars folks guys’ basketball crew. The Indian ministry may want to as a minimum has given the right meal to theirs.

In any case, it isn’t approximately meals. It’s miles approximately displaying some sort of respect to those who worked all their life to represent their country at the sector’s biggest stage. Serving peanuts were Simply plain ‘humiliating’, to say the least.