Samsung’s latest Note 7 battery fix violates Android compatibility docs [Updated]

Samsung has issued another update on the explosive Galaxy Note 7 situation, this time informing consumers how they are able to differentiate constant gadgets from unfixed gadgets. Via a software program update, Samsung says it is going to give non-explosive Observe 7s an inexperienced battery icon, giving human beings a short way to tell a Notice 7 is no longer risky. There is just one hassle with the green battery icon: it is in opposition to the rules. The center Android platform is open source, but Google’s Android apps—just like the Play Keep, Gmail, YouTube, and others—must be licensed from Google. Licensing those apps way adhering to numerous phrases from Google, inclusive of complying with the Android Compatibility Definition Report (CDD), which in turn ensures that devices are “Android well matched.” APIs want to work the manner builders anticipate them to, hardware needs to satisfy Google’s minimum requirements, and OEMs need to observe Google’s security hints. Inside the CDD, Google also defines a number of the interface layout—typically the parts apps want to engage with, just like the Device UI and shared theme assets. This consists of mandating the coloration of the status bar icons, which appears to throw a wrench in Samsung’s publicized plans. The segment titled “3.8.6. Themes” reads (emphasis ours): Google spells it out pretty absolutely: fame bar icons have to be white. They are not allowed to be inexperienced, that is the color Samsung plans to apply in a destiny update. It is probably a touch stupid to mandate specific colorations for certain parts of the user interface, but customers can alternate home display apps and wallpapers, and apps frequently add icons to the status bar. To hold clarity, it is easier to just mandate a coloration and feature the numerous interoperable components of the Android environment design around that. Before requirements like this, it wasn’t extraordinary to peer unreadable combinations like darkish textual content or icons on a darkish background because of colors from device to device various a lot. One trouble vicinity straight away involves mind: the “My apps” phase of the Google Play Save turns the heritage at the back of the repute bar green. It truly is going to appearance quite horrific with a green battery icon. Up to now, Samsung has only announced the exchange; the brand new icon hasn’t made it out to customers but.


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In keeping with the leaked contracts OEMs sign with Google, each Android software program update ought to be sent to Google for retesting against the CDD. If Samsung failed to inform Google about its plans to trade the reputation bar icon, Google will understand as soon as it receives a duplicate for approval. We should soon find out if the compatibility medical doctors have any chunk. update: Hiroshi Lockheimer—Google’s SVP of Android, Chrome OS, and Google Play—replied to this newsletter on Twitter. Google is apparently granting Samsung an exception, and a white border could be kept across the battery icon to assist with legibility: