The biggest geeks in sports

The Geekiest Athletes In SportsOne of the most interesting cultural movements of the last few a long time has been the destruction of the wall among “jocks” and “nerds.” Everybody likes video games and comedian books now, even meatheads. But some athletes take their inner geek to the limit, proudly letting their nerd flag fly on and rancid the sector. In the following slideshow, we’ll shatter the jock stereotype into one million shares of Energon as we profile 11 football games, MMA fighters, NBA champions, and greater who all get down with the geeky stuff. a few are obsessive comics creditors who visit their LCS every week to select up their pull list. some are posted sci-fi writers. a few construct their very own computers. But what unites all of these athletes is that they’ll properly be the biggest geeks in sports.

Tim Duncan

In case you’re going to select one issue that separates the geeks from the normies, gambling Dungeons & Dragons is probably an amazing location to begin. One of the most devoted adventurers in sports changed into Tim Duncan, who retired this year after a stunning 19 years with the San Antonio Spurs. Duncan’s D&D obsession changed into not unusual information, However, he’s been a geek when you consider that manner again. In high school, his nickname turned into “Mr. Spock,” But it quick changed to “Merlin” after humans saw his wizardry on the court docket. Similarly to pen & paper position-gambling, Duncan becomes also partial to Renaissance festivals. That’s our choice, However, we’re sure that in schools and high schools all throughout us of a there are excellent bodily specimens excelling at both athletics and all-out nerdery. The geek athletes of the future are ready to be discovered, and we’ll be In the stands cheering whilst they may be Do Some Work.


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